WWII Essay work November 13th

WWII Essay work November 13th
Pick any 6 of the following essay topics. Answer in complete sentences and provide at
least 1 paragraph(3-5 sentences) answering each question.
● What factors combined to draw the world into World War
II? ● Was US involvement in the World War II
inevitable? Provide examples. ● Were the reasons for the US’s entry into the World
War II justifiable? Explain your position. ● To what extent did the military, political, and
diplomatic turning points of World War II determine the
outcome and aftermath of the war? ● How were America and the world different because
of the events of World War II? ● To what extent was America’s decision to drop the
atomic bomb a viable option to end the war in the Pacific? ● What changes to society resulted from the treatment
of various groups of people during World War II? ● How and why did World War II impact the
economic, social, cultural, and political life of the U.S.? ● How did the war bring about innovation and change
on the home front? ● How are civil liberties challenged during times of
conflict? Give examples from WWI, WWII and the Cold
War. Pick any three of the following and complete the task:
● Create a graphic organizer for leaders, allies, type of
governments during World War II. ● Map identification activity labeling major points of
interest in Europe, Africa, and the Pacific. ● Gather evidence to support your position in a debate on
the use of nuclear weapons during WWII
● Compare and contrast the motivations for and
experiences of individuals in concentration camps in Europe
and interment camps in the United States ● .Examine the lyrics of Billy Joel’s Leningrad .
Compare and contrast the experiences of average US and
USSR citizens during the Cold War. Your work must be shown to the substitute on Friday then emailed to me at the end
of class.