Cold War/Vietnam War Study Guide

Cold War/Vietnam War Study Guide
The following guide, along with your notes and homework will prepare you for this test.
Use the definitions to identify the term.
1) 1950s Cold War Conflict where UN coalition forces, led by US General Douglas
MacArthur, kept the communist aggressors above the 38th
2) Democratic leader of South Vietnam. Refused to hold democratic elections.
Took rights away from Buddhist priests. CIA supported coup, not
3) Soviet supported construction of nuclear missile launch-sites in Cuba. A face-off
between Kennedy and Khrushchev._________________
4) Build up of nuclear weapons. Each side fearful of the other side’s number of
5) Stated that the United States would fight to contain Communism and prevent it
from spreading into other countries.____________________
6) Leader of the Communist North Vietnamese.________________
7) Increase of troops in Vietnam. The war became more of an American
8) American General who was a hero of WWII. Led the UN Coalition forces in
9) The idea that if one country in South East Asia fell to Communism, all of the
other countries would fall as well._________________
10) North Vietnamese military operation on the South that took place during the
Vietnamese holiday of Tet.__________________
11) University in Ohio where student protesters were in conflict with Ohio National
Guardsmen. 4 students were killed and 9 were wounded by the ensuing
Define the following terms.
12) Eisenhower
13) JFK
14) LBJ
15) Nixon
16) Carter
17) Reagan
18) Krushchev
19) Robert McNamara
20) Hawks/Doves
21) Space Race
22) Détente