Inside the Vietnam War “Turning Point”


Inside the Vietnam War “Turning Point”


How did Hamburger Hill represent the type of fighting philosophy the military had used during the war on both sides of the conflict? Do you think this was a good strategy. (2)


What was taking place in the army at the time that created problems for moral?

Give examples of what was taking place. Also what was the difference between the north Vietnamese troops attitude toward going home and the American troops? How does this affect a fighters attitude? (4)


Even though U.S. troops are withdrawing from Vietnam, what does president

Nixon order that makes the war grow. How successful was this attempt to stop the

North Vietnamese from using the Ho Chi Minh trail? And what was the problem with this operation? How come we have to use the troops we did? (4)


How does the North Vietnam attack during the Easter weekend? What in essence saves the South Vietnamese during this attack? How successful would you say the attack was for the North Vietnamese? (3)


What did Nixon finally decide to do to get the North Vietnamese back to the peace talks? (1)


What happened to the South Vietnamese after we withdrew our support? Who was supplying the North Vietnamese with weapons and supplies? (2)