Name_____________________________Date_______________Block_____Ms. Dean Cold War vocabulary Quiz Study Guide 2015 QUIZ: May 18-19

Name_____________________________Date_______________Block_____Ms. Dean
Cold War vocabulary Quiz Study Guide 2015
QUIZ: May 18-19
This quiz is 20 questions. Fourteen are fill in the blank with a word bank and six are true or false.
1. NATO-1949 North Atlantic Treaty Organization-a military alliance (U.S., G. Britain, Canada)
2. Warsaw Pact-1955 military alliance of Communist countries (rival gang of NATO)
3. Korean War a proxy war between N. and S. Korea 1950-1953; ended in a statemate; still divided today
4. Vietnam War a proxy war between N. Vietnam and China and S. Vietnam and the U.S.; 1954-1975;
Vietnam is a unified Communist country today
5. Cold War 1945-1989~the global struggle (competition)for power and influence between the United States
and the Soviet Union that followed World War II
6. Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)An area where there is no military (ex. Between N. and S. Korea)
7. Domino Theory Theory that if one Asian country falls to Communism, neighboring countries will follow
8. Iron Curtain a political or military barrier that divided east & west Europe after WWII. Winston Churchill
coined this phrase.
9. Containment US policy to stop the spread of Communism. This was also called the Truman Doctrine.
10. Nuclear war many feared the use of nuclear weapons by the U.S. and the U.S.S.R.
11. Blacklist during the Cold War, many U.S. citizens were denied jobs because it was believed that they
supported the Communists.
12. Non-aligned nations Countries who did not take sides
13. Berlin Airlift to deliver supplies to west Berlin after the USSR set up a military blockade 1948.
14. Proxy War wars in which the superpowers backed different sides that acted as substitutes for
15. The United Nations 1945
16. Ho Chi Minh Leader of Communist North Vietnam
17. Inflation a rise in prices
18. Arms race a competition to develop more and more powerful weapons
19. Coup to overthrow the government by force (ex. Cuba)
20. Censure to formally criticize; Senator Joseph McCarthy was censured.
21. Bipolar (as related to this unit) organized around two opposite extremes (capitalism & communism)
22. Summit a meeting of two or more countries
23. Capitalism economic system where private enterprise owns all capital (U.S.)
24. Communism economic system where the Gov’t owns all property & controls the economy
25. Yalta Conference A summit meeting “Big three” at the end of WWII-Churchill, Stalin, FDR
26. Martial law When civil laws are suspended and the military is in control (temporarily)
27. The Berlin Wall-1961-1989 This wall was built by the Soviets to keep people from escaping from East
Germany to the free West. It was 97 miles long and 12 feet tall.
You also need to know:
China became a Communist country in 1949.
How did the Korean War and The Vietnam War end?
The Berlin Wall was 97 miles long and 12 feet tall