Vietnam War Study Guide : Chapter 30 ( Pages890 – 914)

Vietnam War Study Guide: Chapter 30 ( Pages 890 – 914)
Mrs. Bauman
Define the terms and explain why they are important.
1. Ho Chi Minh
2. Domino Theory
3. Guerilla
4. Vietcong
5. Gulf of Tonkin
6. Napalm
7. Agent Orange
8. Ho Chi Minh Trail
9. Tet Offensive
10. My Lai
11. Kent State
12. Henry Kissinger
13. Vietnamization
14. Pentagon Paper
15. War Powers Act
Essay Questions:
# 1. How did the concept of Containment from the
Eisenhower administration impact President Johnson’s
involvement & support of the war in Vietnam?
Explain how the war escalated, how the Gulf of Tonkin
Resolution contributed to the escalation, and describe the
Stalemate that develops. Why didn’t Johnson call for an “ all
out war”? ( p. 901)
# 2. TLW read pages 904 – 909 and using a graphic
organizer like on page 904, answer the following:
 Analyze why support for the war began to weaken
 describe the actions & motives of those in the
antiwar movement.
Give examples of the protest against this foreign
#3. TLW read pages 910 – 914 and answer the following.
Explain how Nixon’s first administration inspired more antiwar protest. Outline the steps
that lead to the U.S. leaving Vietnam.
Summarize the major lessons that the U.S. learned from the Vietnam War experience.
What is the legacy of Vietnam? What is the human toll? What is the impact on our
nation? On Vietnam?
# 4 . What is your opinion of the war? If you were a 22 year old during this time, would
you support the actions of the United States government in Vietnam? Explain your
answer. Would you volunteer to go to Vietnam or would you evade the draft in some
way? Explain your answer. What would you fight for? What would you protest against?
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