Judicial Vocabulary

Judicial Vocabulary
Court decision that stands as an example
to be followed in future, similar cases.
Judicial Branch
Branch of government that
includes the Supreme Court
and all other courts created
by the Constitution and
Marbury v Madison
Decision written by Chief Justice Marshall,
established the evaluation of federal laws’
constitutionality, or “judicial review” as a
power of the Supreme Court.
McCulloch v Maryland
Case concerning whether or not states are
allowed to tax the Federal Government.
Gibbons v Ogden
Case that examines the power of Congress
to regulate interstate commerce.
dual court system
There is a national judiciary that includes
all the Federal Courts and the many courts
in each state.
Voting Rights Act of 1965
Outlaws discriminatory practices at the
polls – No literacy tests
original jurisdiction
The power to hear a case first, before any
other court.
Miranda v Arizona
Case that made it necessary to inform the
accused of his or her rights.
Authority to hear a case.
due process of law
The government must act fairly and in
accord with established rules in all that it