History 369

History 369
Chapter 22 Study Guide –“The Short One”
Part One: Chapter Questions
1. Who were the muckrakers and what did they do?
2. What was Progressivism and what did it hope to do? What were the keys to
3. How did Henry Ford change industry in America?
4. How did the growth of trusts change the business landscape? What were the
different approaches favored by Americans?
5. What changes were taking place in the workplace? How were workers affected
by these changes?
6. How was life on the farm changing for the better? What problem still existed?
7. What role were women plying in the workplace? How was the situation of
African-A,merican women different than that of white women?
8. What role were children playing in the workforce? What movements were nade
to end child labor?
9. Describe the living conditions of most African-Americans.
10. What was the origin and what were the goals of the Niagra Movement?
11. Detail the origins of the NAACP. How successful was the organization in
achieving its goals?
12. Describe the nature of immigration to the United States in the early 1900s.
13. What role did Mexican, Chinese, and Japanese immigrants play in the U.S.?
Goals and Significant Details
Federation of
Womens’ Trade
Union League
Workers of the
(IWW) – Wobblies
14. In what ways did different companies address workers’ concerns?
15. Describe the demographic changes in America in the early 1900s.
16. How did leisure activities change in America? Why?
17. What trends were emerging in American cultural life? (include music,
literature, dance, and art)
Part Two: Identifications
Ida Tarbell
2. Lincoln Steffens
3. Triangle Shirtwaist Company
4. David Graham Phillips
5. Margaret Sanger
6. W. E. B. DuBois
7. “birds of passage”
Birth of a Nation
Irving Berlin
10. Vaudeville