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Evelyn Jiménez

AP Spanish Language and Culture

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Course Description

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español nivel avanzado en lenguaje!

Spanish AP is an advanced level program that is conducted in Spanish. This class is designed for the student who has mastered the fundamentals of the Spanish language and is ready to apply his or her ability in a wide variety of subject areas. By the end of this course, students will complete a comprehensive study of the Spanish language by strengthening and incorporating Spanish listening, writing, reading, and conversational skills.

This course will prepare the student for the Advance Placement Examination for Spanish Language as well as focus on the Jones College Prep targeted instructional area of critical thinking. Critical thinking is defined as the well reasoned, problem solving process where one examines evidence and decides what to believe, communicate or do.

Course objectives:

• Read selected Spanish and Latin American readings

• Read selected newspaper and magazine articles

• Develop project activities individually and groups

• Development of advanced listening, writing and conversational skills though class expositions and assignments

• Submission of writing activities in a timely manner (assignments must be hand written in blue/black or printed)

• Satisfactory completion of given objectives through the duration of the AP course.

• Learning and better understanding of the Spanish language and culture

Students are expected to take the AP Spanish Language exam in May.

Student Textbooks


Abriendo Puertas : Lenguajes

Judy Armen McDougal Littell

Textbook Autors

Una vez más

James H. Couch, Rebecca D. McCann, Carmel Rodríguez Walter,Angel


ISBN: 0801309719

Triángulo Aprobado 5 th


Barbara Gatski and John McMullan

Various Readings for Spanish and Latin American Authors, magazines, newspaper articles, internet

Course Planner

: Through the study of the following AP topics, students build the necessary skills to reach the assessment objectives through the expansion of their receptive, productive, and interactive skills.

AP Themes

La belleza y la estetica

La vida contemporánea

Las familias y las comunidades

Los desafios mundiales

Los identidades personales y públicas

La ciencia y la tecnología


Unit 1

La identidad nacional y la identidad etnica

-La enjenación y la asimilación

-Los héroes y las figuras históricas

Las creencias personales

Los intereses personales

La autoestima

Unit 2

Las familias y las comunidades

Las tradiciones y los valores

Las comunidades educativas

La estructura de la familia

La geograf

í a humana

Las redes sociales

Unit 3

La belleza y la estética

La arquitectura

La definición de la creatividad

La moda y el diseño


Overview of the class & expectations

Overview of the exam format & rubrics.

Essay – Why AP?

Ensayo personal

Comparación de familia entre los estados unidos y los países

Proyecto Cultural del tema-TBA

Unit 4

-La ciencia y la tecnología

-Los efectos de la tecnología en el individuo y en la sociedad

-El cuidado de la salud y la medicina

-Las ciencia y la ética

Proyecto Cultural del tema- TBA

Unit 5

Los desafios mundiales

Los temas del medio ambiente

El bienestar social

La conciencia social

Proyecto Cultural del tema

El coquí de Puerto Rico


Los pájaros de Ana María


Mi raza- José Martí

La balada de los dos abuelos- de

Nicolás Guillen

Cuando era puertorriquena-

Esmeralda Santiago

Poema “ Mientras por competir con tu cabello”- Luis de


Lecturas variadas

Mestranzas de noche- Pablo


Lectura orgánica y medio ambiente

Unit 6

La vida contemporánea

La educación y las carreras

El entretenimiento y el ocio

Proyecto Cultural del tema

Unit 7

to end of the year

Final review of AP


Latin American

Film/ Music and Dance- El Son

Final review of AP exam

Take the AP

Spanish Language


Play- El Delantal Blanco

La casa en Mango Street-

Sandra Cisneros

Various articles on Music and instruments

Reading- Una Historia

El Delantal Blanco


lassroom Policies


All students are expected to arrive on time to class with their textbook and all required materials. Students will not be permitted to go to their locker during class time. When the bell rings, every student is expected to be in his/her seat and ready for class. If a student is tardy he will automatically miss the bell ringer for that day.


: Students must wear their Jones College Prep Identification at all times.


will be given in class and posted on the Jones website. Even if it is not posted it is your responsibility to write the assignments during class. Homework must be turned in by its due date. Failure to submit homework will result in a zero. Students may not leave the class to get their homework. Every assignment and note taking activity must be labeled and dated clearly.

No label no credit!

This is the key to your organization and mine. Please bring your notebook to class everyday.


: Please be respectful to yourself, your classmates and your teacher. Speaking out of turn in class is not allowed since it can be disruptive to your classmates and your teacher. Always raise your hand and don’t interrupt your teacher or classmate(s) while they are speaking. You will receive a warning first and if the talking continues, you will receive an infraction and your parents will be notified.

Late work

will be accepted unexcused late work will be accepted for 50% credit if it is turned in by the end of the same school week (please

write late work at the top of the assignment

.) Late work for excused absences will be accepted for full credit if it is turned in by the end of the school week unless an arrangement has been made with me. If you have an excused absence, you will be able to make up homework, test, quiz, etc. It is your responsibility to obtain the homework given during your absence from the homework website. Your work is due upon your return to class, this includes homework and projects. In the case of quizzes and tests, it will also be your responsibility to arrange with me the best time for you to make it up. Again I advise you check the homework website for postings.

Tests and quizzes

will always be announced in advance so that you have plenty of time to prepare. As mentioned above, if you are absent on the day of a scheduled test or quiz, you are expected to make the necessary arrangements with me to make it up.

Retakes of tests or quizzes are not possible.

Quizzes: will be given throughout the year, some will be announced and some will not. Study and be prepared every day.


As an Advanced Placement class, you will be expected to not only complete the necessary assignments but to study outside of class. This class will be conducted 100% in Spanish and you are expected to

participate on a regular basis, this is how your participation grade is earned. Remember that the only way to become fluent in a language is by using it as much as you can. This will also be the best practice you will receive to achieve success in the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam.


No gum, candy, beverages, or food allowed in class, ever. Please refer to the student handbook.

Academic Dishonesty

is taken very seriously at Jones and in this class. Any plagiarism/cheating on an exam, test, quiz, and class or homework assignment will result in a “Zero” and notification will be made to the disciplinarian and parents (see student handbook). Please be aware that the use of the internet is encouraged in this class as a tool, not as your primary source for the completion of an assignment (by this I mean cutting and pasting). You are also not allowed to use an online translator to translate a whole document. This is considered plagiarism. You may only use a translator as a source, on a word to word basis only.

Academic dishonesty and other behavioral issues will be subject to consequences listed in the JCP handbook.

Unauthorized use of Technology

: Students are expected to keep all electronic devices off and out of sight. No cell phones! Failure to do so will result in confiscation and a call home (see student handbook).


e- As you know, the curriculum in the AP Spanish Language class is extensive. Your attendance is very important. Please understand that these policies are in your best interest and are designed to help you succeed in this class and on your AP exam.

Language Lab

: Students will be required to complete language lab assignments on a weekly basis. All

Language Lab policies will be strictly enforced.

The following codes will appear in



- The student is excused from the assignment; it does not count against their grade.


The student did not turn in this work it counts as a zero in their grade.


- All blanks will change to Exc. Msg. or points before grades are entered at the 5 weeks.

Grammar topics will be reviewed at the teacher’s discretion. Students are responsible for the grammar needed to be successful in this course.

Grading Scale


90-100= A

80-89= B

70-79= C

60-69= D

Below 59 = F

Extra credit

opportunities will be available provided that all coursework etc. is complete; however, extra credit should not be expected to alter a grade by a full letter.



I know and understand the grading scale and course evaluation

I know and understand that completing all required assignments and daily class participation is required to successfully complete the AP Spanish Language exam in May

I know and understand the classroom policies

Course Evaluation


Final Exam/Final Project (per semester) = 20%

Assessments (tests and quizzes) = 20%

Course work (homework, written classwork, bellringers) = 15%

Class participation (various oral communicative activities, interactive or individual) = 20%

Projects, presentations and essays = 15%

Lab assignments (listening activities, research) = 10%

A: Indicates learning at the highest level. The student not only has demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the material with breadth and depth of understanding. An A indicates work that has gone above and beyond the expectations of an assignment.

B: The student not only has demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the material but also applies to the material. The student will be able, on occasion, to demonstrate an ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the material.

C: The student has demonstrated a basic knowledge and understanding of the material and some ability to apply it.

D: The student has demonstrated a limited knowledge and limited understanding of the material and is not able to apply much of it.

F: The student has not demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the material, and therefore is not able to apply it.


Students will access the following websites throughout the year to help support the curriculum in every aspect of the language.

1. http://www.trinity.e du/mstroud/grammar/

2. http://www.colby.edu/~bknelson/exercises/

3. http://telemundo.yahoo.com/

4. http://latino.aol.com/

5. www.cnn.com/espanol/

6. www.bbcmundo.com

7. www.nacion.com

8. www.un.org/radio/es/

9. www.nuevoshorizontes.org/

10. www.studyspanish.com

11. www. conjuguemos.com

12. www.audiodiria.com

Questions/ Concerns

In order for a student to receive extra help the student must be engaged in class. Students can set up appointment with me in class or via email. Parents may inquire about their child’s grades via email or in writing and I will do my best to respond within 48 school hours.

I have read the Syllabus for my AP Spanish class and discussed it with my teacher. I have also discussed my responsibilities pertaining to the class with my parent(s)/ Guardians(s).

Student’s name printed:__________________________

Student’s Signature: __________________________Period____________


Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________Date_____________