Exercise: Stakeholder Analysis

Exercise: Stakeholder Analysis
(time required: 90 minutes)
Phase 1. Plenary work (20 minutes)
1. Read the Hope Country Study (10 minutes)
2. The facilitator leads a brainstorming session and the group makes a list
of possible stakeholders from the case study. The facilitator invites a
volunteer to record the group ideas on a flipchart. (15 minutes)
3. The facilitator consolidates and generates a list of stakeholders with
the assistance of the volunteer. (5 minutes)
Phase 2. Group work (40 minutes)
1. Form five groups of participants (4-5 people); each group selects a
rapporteur and time-keeper.
2. The members of each group decide whether they are designing a two
year project (100.000 US$) or larger five year programme (2.000.000
US$); this will be important to provide the logic for the analysis.
3. Decide in ONE SENTENCE what the FOCUS of the programme or
project will be. Do not spend more than 10 minutes for deciding on this
DRAFT PROJECT FOCUS. This is just to conduct the exercise in
reality it will take more thinking!!
4. The group then discusses the following questions as they relate to the
list of potential stakeholders in the Hope Country case study; the
rapporteurs record group ideas on the Worksheet A:
Identify stakeholders : primary stakeholders?, secondary stakeholders?
Describe stakeholders: Stakeholder’s Interest, Perception of Problems,
Assess influence/importance: How influential and important are the
primary stakeholders?, secondary stakeholders? The stakeholders?
What stakeholders are important, but lack influence?
Phase 3. Outlining a stakeholder participation strategy (20 minutes)
The same groups outline a stakeholder participation strategy. Each group will
consider at what stage in the project cycle (project identification, detailed
project planning, implementation and monitoring, evaluation) different
stakeholders will be involved and with what intensity. Will they be provided
with information, be consulted, will there be collaborative decision making or
even an empowerment to let the respective stakeholder take the final control
over the decision making? The group will use Worksheet B to record the
summary of the group discussion/decisions.
Phase 4. Reporting and discussion (50 minutes)
1. The rapporteurs present the results to the audience. About ten minutes
are available for each presentation and a brief discussion. (40 minutes)
2. After all the presentations, the facilitator invites the participants to have
a brief discussion, provides and asks for feedback and closes the
session. (10 minutes)
Name of Stakeholder’s Perception Resources Important
the Group
of Problems
Influence Mandate