Science Project Idea Brainstorm: K-2

Science Project Idea Brainstorm: K-2
 Which paper towel is the strongest?
 Which stain remover will get our grape juice better/
 Which soda is most harmful/discolors your teeth?
 Which laundry detergent works best?
 What type of cup insulates the best?
 How could you measure the absorbency of a paper towel?
 Which paper towel absorbs the most liquid?
 How does the color of light affect the growth of a plant?
 What does a plant need to grow?
 Does a plant grow better in soil or water?
 How does water move through a plant?
 How does color of a material affect the absorption of heat?
 How does the water cycle work?
 Are all metal items pulled by a magnet?
 Can a magnet work through materials?
 What structure can with stand more weight?
 Does light affect how fast food spoils?
 What factors affect mold growth?
 What effect does an oil spill have on marine life?
 What effect does temperature have on dissolving materials in water?
 How do boats float?
 How do airplanes fly?
 What fruits brown the quickest when cut open?
 How does rust form?
 How do rocks weather?
 What affect does salt have on ice?
 How does the fat layer under the skin of an animal keep it warm?
 Why to cats’ eyes look like they glow in the dark?
 How to icicles form?
 How does dew form?
 How can you separate a mixture?
 How are fossils made?
 What “yeast food” helps yeast create the most gas? (sugar, honey,
syrup, etc.)?
 How does gravity affect the shape of soap bubbles?
 How does a pulley make work easier?
 Does hitting or dropping a magnet weaken its strength?
 How does color protect insects or other animals from their predators?
 How does gravity affect plant growth of pinto beans?
 How do newts and salamanders hear without external ears?
 How does gravity affect toys (slinky, paddle ball, paper airplane, yo-yo,
 Does the height of the stairs affect the movement of a slinky?
 Does the height of an incline make an object roll further?
 Do all animals have the same life cycle?
 Does size have an effect on an object’s mass?
 How do temperature and/or the seasons affect plants?
Have fun exploring, super scientists!!