Coming of the Revolution Timeline Activity

Coming of the Revolution Timeline Activity
Create a timeline that identifies the key developments leading up to the War for
Independence- use separate colors to symbolize British and Colonial/American actions.
You must know details regarding each of the items on the Timeline:
Include a depiction of the following:
 1763- End of French and Indian War
 Grenville
– Stamp Act
– Quartering Act
– Sugar Act
– Admiralty Courts
 Colonial Resistance
– Virginia Resolves- Patrick Henry
– Stamp Act Congress
– Sons (Daughters) of Liberty– Boycotts
 Repeal of Stamp Act
 Declaratory Act
 Townshend
– New York assembly disbanded
– Townshend Duties (new taxes on imports)
– Lead, paper, paint, tea
 Boston Massacre
 Committee of Correspondence
 Lord North
– Quiet Period
– Committee of Correspondence
 Tea Act
 Boston Tea Party
 Coercive Acts- or “Intolerable Acts”
– Boston Port Act
– Massachusetts Government Act
– Administration of Justice Act
 First Continental Congress
 1775 Lexington and Concord
Timeline American Revolution
Create a Timeline that displays the progress and process of the War for American
 Phase I New England
Lexington and Concord
Bunker Hill
Second Continental Congress
Washington Appointed Commander of the Continental Army
Hessian Mercenaries by British
American Invasion of Canada
Common Sense published by Thomas Paine
Declaration of Independence is written by Thomas Jefferson
 Phase II Middle Colonies
Battle of Trenton
Battle of Saratoga
Articles of Confederation are approved
Valley Forge Winter
France Allies with Americans
Spain Allies with Americans
Benedict Arnold becomes a traitor
 Southern Phase
Treaty of Paris