Computer for Beginners

Computer for Beginners
Computer basics Crossword Puzzle
Is It Fake or Foto?
Jan’s Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
How Operating Systems Work
by Dave Coustan and Curt Franklin
The Information Jungle by Bonny Petry
Basic PC Troubleshooting
Presented by Tom and Mary O'Haver
Internet research questions
How tall is the Empire State Building? In feet? In meters?
(Hint: find an online measurement conversion calculator.)
What and where is the tallest building?
Where is the oldest known man-made structure on Earth?
How many breeds of dogs are there?
How tall was/is the tallest human being?
How many chromosomes are found in the DNA of a field mouse?
How many medical doctors are practicing in the USA? In the world?
Where are the fewest doctors per population?
What is one Euro worth in Canadian dollars?
Where did the dodo live and when was the last one murdered?
What year was Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones born, and where? (Why might be more relevant.)
Where was Muddy Waters born and when? What was his birth name? Where was he taught to read
and write?
How many students attend AB-Tech in an average academic year?
How far away is the closest planet to Earth? What is its name?
How far away from Earth is the nearest star system that has planets?