Application for AP Art History 2005-2006


Application for AP Art History 2011-2012

Instructor: Ms. Mary Lanctot

457 Riverview Drive

Chatham, MA 02633

508 945 1320

REQUIRED TEXTS: Gardner's Art Through the Ages, 12th edition by Fred S. Kleiner,

Christin J. Mamiya and Richard G. Tansey: 2004 AP Released Exam, ordered through

PAHomeschoolers for $5

TUITION: $535 (earlybird special), $575 starting July 1: payable to PA Homeschoolers upon acceptance into the class. (Textbook is additional)


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Names of Parent(s):

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Date of birth:

Grade for 2011-2012 School Year:

List any AP course you have already taken with test scores, if known.

Are you currently planning to register for other AP courses this school year?

Are you planning to take any college courses this year? If so which ones?


On a separate page please briefly let me know why you want to take this class and what your past exposure to art history, art and/or history has been, if any. What type of art or history are you especially drawn to?


I expect everyone to complete a summer reading assignment. I will send a list of some possible options once you have been accepted into the class. However, if you have something (art historically speaking) in mind that you would especially like to read and it isn't on the recommended list, please pass it by me for approval. Students study art history for many reasons and I would very much like you to be able to pursue your own unique interests. A short paper offering impressions of your summer reading selection will be due the first day of class. Also before class begins, students will need to post a short autobiography on the web board.


I have read the course description on the PA Homeschoolers website and understand the requirements of the class. I will be diligent in keeping up with all class work and will be a responsible participant in web board discussion. If I fall more than two weeks behind without excuse, I will be placed on academic probation. If I am on academic probation twice I can be dismissed from the class. I also realize that plagiarism is a serious offense and will not be tolerated; it is also cause for dismissal.


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( If applying electronically, typed names may stand as authorized signatures ensuring adherence to class policies .)

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