- Wabash College

Financial Aid Probation
Appeal Form
Students who have not attained Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) after a semester on Financial
Aid Warning are no longer eligible to receive financial aid. A student may be considered for continued
financial aid eligiblity by appealing to be placed on Financial Aid Probation. If you want to be considered for Financial Aid Probation, complete this form and return it, along with all supporting documentation, to the Financial Aid Office for review. Submission of this form does not guarantee that you will
be placed on Financial Aid Probation.
Student Information – Please Print
___________________________________________________ ____________________________________
Anticipated Graduation Date (MM/YY)
Student’s Name
___________________________________________________ ____________________________________
Cell Phone Number
Attach the Following:
Personal Statement, signed and dated
-Detailed explanation regarding why/how you have failed to meet SAP
q Advisory/Faculty Letter of Support, signed and dated
-Acknowledgement of student’s ability and motivation to regain academic success
-Any other insights which may prove helpful to the student’s appeal for Financial Aid Probation
q Academic Plan to Regain SAP
-Together with your advisor, create a minimum of three objectives or action items
-Each objective/action item should be 1) SPECIFIC, 2) MEASURABLE, and
-Note: “I will work harder” and other generic statements are not acceptable; your
Academic Plan should be detailed and specific to your circumstances
I understand that if my appeal to be placed on Financial Aid Probation is granted, my progress will be
evaluated at the end of each semester, up to the point in time established in my Academic Plan. If I
am not successfully following my Academic Plan at any evaluation point, I acknowledge that I will no
longer be eligible for financial aid for subsequent semesters.
Student’s Signature
Return this form and any related documents to the Wabash College Financial Aid Office