File - Ideal English

Prepared By : Mudassir Azam
Subject: English
Topic: Present continuous
Date: 16/040/2015
Programme: TEFL
Resources: White board , video-clip , worksheets ,
flashcards , and worksheets
Time: 45 minutes
Level: Beginner
General Objectives:
Venue: Hilton Hotel
At the end of the session, the learner will –
Specific Objectives:
At the end of the session, the learner will be able to –
-students will be able to differentiate between present continuous and other
tenses .
-create various sentences using ten different verbs ( working , playing , reading , cleaning ,
eating , drinking , driving , swimming , recording and sleeping )
-students will know how to utilise in the classroom and in their daily living .
-complete the worksheet exercise independently.
-students will be able to improvise present continuous sentences
-Speak out in class with any verb of their choice following the present continuous .
- students have a difficulty to explain the exact situation whether its present , past or
continuous tense .
List oTutor Input
Learner Activities
Introducing the topic
5 minutes
-Teacher explains about the present continuous
with ten different verbs using “ing” and to utilise
them in an accurate manner
-Work together in small
groups to write a sentence
which are mentioned in the
- Listening skill
- Reading skill
- Questions and
white board.
-Use of white board
-Teacher then provides flashcards of verbs to the
-Put students into group of two and ask them to
write one description about the picture.
-Teacher changes the picture with description and
asks students to identify the picture with read
description out loud .
-Students will be giving
examples and sharing ideas.
- Reading skill
- Writing skill
- Listening skill
-Speaking skill
Main lesson focus
10 minutes
-Explain present continuous using “ing” with the
- Group discussion
-Play a 5 minute video clip on present continuous
and grant your student to discuss in group what
they have learned from this video.
-Q & A
-White board, flash
- Distribute flashcards to your students to answer
verbally and in written using present continuous
-Describe a chef who cooks?
-Describe a teacher who teach ?
-Describe a man who swims ?
- Work together in small
groups to come up with as
many verbs using present
continuous tense .
- Writing skill
- Video clip
- Listening skill
- white board
- Speaking skill
- Flashcards
15 minutes
Assessment (Activity)
- Writing skill
- Each student is given worksheet to write present
continuous sentences
-Go through answers in class.
-Write correct answers on
the worksheets
- Reading skill
Questions and
answers and peer
15 minutes
- Review the lesson once before you conclude the
lesson and give them some homework . Moreover ,
provide an explanation if your students are making
-White board
mistakes to make present continuous sentences