Final Exam Review PowerPoint ANSWERS

Final Exam Review PowerPoint ANSWERS
1. declarative
2. It would be told from a character’s perspective, using words such as “I”, “we”,
“us”, etc.
3. FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)
4. I like to run, ride my bike, and lift weights.
5. A static character doesn’t change in a story, a dynamic character goes through a
change of some sort.
6. The purpose of persuasive writing is to convince someone to change their mind or
7. My sister Emily
8. sweatshirt
9. all of them are adverbs
10. articles (articles are a type of adjective)
11. Check your sentence w/Ms. Schubert 
12. false
13. person vs. self
14. geographic location, specific places, season/time of day, era, beliefs/customs
15. lesson learned, moral
16. exposition
17. Dialogue are words that are said, dialect is how they are said. An example of
dialogue would be anything in quotation marks, an example of dialect is
something like “y’all” (something said a certain way because the character is from
a certain region.
18. imperative
19. Kevin’s dog; mice’s whiskers; bus’s wheels; students’ homework
20. A conjunction connects words or phrases in a sentence.
21. pencil = concrete; cloud = concrete; peace = abstract; air = concrete
22. flock = collective; books = plural; deer = plural or singular
23. antagonist
24. ran = action; was = helping; are = linking
25. to sing = infinitive; swimming = gerund; whining = participle