Chapter 14 – Digestive System Review Sheet

Chapter 14 – Digestive System
Review Sheet
 The major organs of the alimentary canal (GI tract or gastrointestinal
 Functions of all organs on the digestive system (poster)
 The enzymes, there locations and what they break down
 Chemical/mechanical digestion
 The process of swallowing
 The major organic compounds (carbs, protein and lipids) and the units
that make them up (lab or graphic organizer)
 What the four organic compounds are used for
 Fat soluble vitamins
 Gallstones, diarrhea, constipation, frostbite, hypothermia
 Teeth – function and how many
 Which food contain which organic compounds
 6 processes of the GI tract
 6 nutrients humans need
 chemistry of life lab
 BMR and TMR
 Labeling