Basic Chemistry
(elective course)
Topics of credit test
1. s- and p-elements - group name, metal / nonmetal, number of valence electrons, common
oxidative states
2. symbols and names of common elements (both English and Latin)
3. oxidative state of an element in a compound
4. names of common inorganic cations nad anions
5. distinguish: element / molecule / cation / anion (using their names)
6. naming of oxides, peroxides, hydroxides, acids and salts
7. balance a chemical equation (not redox)
8. writte an equilibrium constant of a reaction (an equation)
9. add products to given inorganic reaction (neutralization, oxidation, reduction, dissociation of an
acid) or give type of the reaction
10. electronegativity, type of bonds
11. organic compounds: structural formulas of hydrocarbons (saturated, unsaturated, aromatic) and
their derivatives (i.e. structure of functional groups)
12. choose polar / nonpolar / amphipatic compounds (from their names)
13. choose saturated / unsaturated compounds (from their names)
14. isomers (draw formulas – organic compounds)
15. systematic names of organic acids and their anions and acyls
16. systematic names of aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, amines, ethers, halogen and nitroderivatives
17. add products to given organic reaction (addition, elimination, hydrogenation, dehydrogenation,
dissociation of an acid)
calculation without a calculator:
18. calculation based on chemical reaction (e.g. masses of reacting compounds)
19. calculate relative molecular mass
20. calculate molar or % concentration from given masses
21. calculate mass of a substance needed for preparation of a solution of given concentration
(molar or %)
22. calculate osmolarity / molarity of a solution
23. calculate concentration of H3O+ and OH- in an aqueous solution
24. calculate pH of a strong acid or base
25. calculate pK from Ka or vice versa (or pH / cH+)
The test contains 25 questions, you will create the answer (it is not a multiple choice test).
You need 60% of points at least.