Lipids (Fats) Notes

Lipids (Fats) Notes
A group of biological molecules composed mostly of __________________,
_________________, and ___________________.
Lipids are insoluble in water, serve as a source of ___________________, and
are a component in ____________________________.
Functions of Lipids:
energy storage
Structure and _________________________
Elements that make up lipids: ______________, ____________, ____________
A carbohydrate, has ______________________________________________
EX: _______________________
On the other hand, lipids have _______________________________________
EX: _______________________
The common categories of lipids are ________________________________,
___________________________, and ______________________________
Triglycerides are made of 2 subunits: _________________ and _____________
What does a triglyceride’s structure look like?
Structure of glycerol, a compound that reacts with fatty acids
The _________________ on glycerol can react with the _________________
on fatty acids, causing the fatty acid to join to the glycerol, and releasing water.
The glycerol and 3 fatty acids react to form _____________________.
General structure of fatty acids: a type of lipid
Fatty acids are carboxylic acids with a long hydrocarbon tail. In the general
structure, "R" represents the large hydrocarbon tail.
R generally represents a hydrocarbon chain of 3 to 19 C atoms.
Saturated vs. Unsaturated
Saturated fats have all _____________ bonds.
Unsaturated fats have at least one ____________ bond.
Notes from animation on triglycerides…