Lipids: Fats, Oils & Waxes


Lipids: Fats, Oils & Waxes

• Large and varied group • Made up of mostly C & H atoms (O too!) • Do not dissolve in water • Uses: – Energy Storage – Waterproofing – Structure – Hormones


• function to cushion organs, as insulation & in long-term energy storage • Made of two kinds of molecules – Glycerol – Fatty acids • Saturated Fatty Acid: – Carbons joined by single bonds – Maximum H atoms • Unsaturated Fatty Acid: – At least one double bond between carbons in the fatty acid

Fatty Acids

Fatty acids that contain 1 or more double bonds between carbon atoms are said to be unsaturated.

Fatty acids with only single covalent bonds between the carbon atoms are referred to as saturated.

What are Trans fats?



• Building block of cell membrane – Only has 2 fatty acids – 1 phosphate group • Have – Hydrophilic heads – Hydrophobic tails


Carbon Skeleton has: – Four interconnected rings – Different groupings of atoms (or functional groups) attached • CholesterolHormones