Flaky Baking (page 28-29)

Flaky Baking (page 28-29)
Pastry is made using 3 main ingredients: water, flour
shortening. Many factors or variables influence the quality of
pastry. A variable is any factor that can change and affect the
outcome the outcome of an experiment.
Flour contains many substances, but the protein is the
backbone of the pastry. When the flour is mixed with water it
forms a substance called gluten. This gives the dough strength and
Liquid fat and oils do not form a water solution; instead they
form a layer floating on the water. This enables fat to waterproof
flour particles.
1. Describe in your own words the role of each of the
following dough ingredients:
a) flour
b) fat
c) water
d) salt
e) baking powder
2. a) What is gluten?
b) What factors determine how much gluten id formed
when mixing pastry ingredients?
3. Should you store shortening in a cupboard or in the
refrigerator? Explain.