Roman Empire & Religions Quiz Study Guide

Roman Empire & Religion Quiz
Monday, February 2, 2015
Rome Became an Empire
 Explain how Julius Caesar & Augustus changed the Roman Republic into the Empire
 Describe how the government of the empire was different from the republic
 Explain how Bread & Circus helped emperors maintain legitimacy
Describe what Pax Romana was and explain its importance
Roman Religion
 Define monotheism, polytheism, and pagan
 Describe how Augustus changed Roman religion
 Describe how Romans used religion to assimilate conquered people as the empire
 Briefly describe how covenant and Torah are related to Judaism
 Explain why the Jewish temple in Jerusalem was destroyed and the cause of the Jewish
 Describe the ways Judaism adapted and changed after the Diaspora
 Explain the role of Jesus, Paul, Constantine and the Edict of Milan in Christianity
 Explain how Romans, like Pliny, viewed Christians
 Explain the political, social, and religious reasons Christianity spread
 Put the following events in correct chronological order:
Assassination of Julius Caesar
Augustus became emperor of Rome
birth of Jesus
destruction of Jewish temple
Pliny met Christians
Constantine issued Edict of Milan