Revolutions Study Guide

Revolutions Study Guide
1. Name 3 causes of the French Revolution and be able to give examples of each 3rd
estate angry and taxed too much, Huge debts, Enlightenment ideas
2. Prior to the French Revolution, France had three estates. Name each estate and
who belonged to them. 1st Clergy, 2nd Nobles, 3rd Everyone else (98%)
3. What was the movement led by philosophers like Rousseau that had an influence
on the French Revolution? The Enlightenment
4. Members of all three estates were called to attend a meeting. What was this called
and what were they meeting about? Estates General, meeting about tax reform
5. Why did a mob storm the Bastille prison on July 14, 1789? They wanted to steal
weapons and bring down the symbol of the kings power.
6. What was the purpose of members of the 3rd estate meeting at an indoor tennis
court? What were they trying to accomplish and what was this called? Called the
Estates-General and they were trying to approve a tax reform.
7. What was the most significant event that women participated in during the
French Revolution?
Storming of the palace of Versailles and taking the King and Queen back to Paris
8. Explain what the Reign of Terror was and who Robespierre was. A period of time
(1 year) in which mostly peasants were executed by the gullitone as threats to the
state. Robespierre was the leader during this time.
9. Who led a coup d’etat which ended the French Revolution and then became the
next ruler of France. Napoleon
10. What were Napoleons important accomplishments as ruler of France?
Napoleonic codes, lycess (public schools), first national bank
11. Most of Europe was dominated by Napoleon except which country? Britain
12. Napoleon became very popular after defeating which country? Austria
13. Who defeated Napoleon’s forces at the Battle of Waterloo officially leading to his
final exile? Great Britain and Prussia
14. What was the purpose of the Congress of Vienna? To discuss a balance of power,
restore rightful monarchs to their thrones and to contain France
15. Put the following events in order:
 National Convention establishes republic 3
 National Assembly writes Constitution 2
 Estates General called for the first time in 175 years 1
 Directory established with new constitution 4
16. In 1804, what was the first Latin American territory to free itself from Britain and
which former slave led the revolt? Saint Dominigue (Haiti) led by Toussaint
17. Understand your hierarchy chart in your notebook
18. What group was educated, adopted Enlightenment ideas therefore leading many
of the revolutions across South America? The Creoles
19. What was the main event that triggered revolts throughout South America?
Napoleon’s overthrow of King Ferdinand VII of Spain.
20. Of all the leaders of the South American revolts, two are regarded as the most
successful. Who are they? Bolivar & L’Overture
21. Which country won their independence through a bloodless revolution? Brazil
***Know the following on a map: Atlantic Ocean, Black Sea, North
Sea, Prussia, Vienna, Austrian Empire, French Empire, Paris &