the passive voice - IES José Cadalso

1. Write the following sentences in the passive if possible.
1. They first developed the polio vaccine in the 1950s.
The polio vaccine was first developed in the 1950's
2. To record, you must press the red button and the black button at the same time.
To record, the red buttom and the black button must be pressed at the same time
3. You should make the sandwiches just before we leave.
The sandwiches should be made just before we leave.
4. Shakespeare died in 1616.
5. The crew will bury the sailor at sea.
The sailor will be buried at sea by the crew.
6. The technicians were repairing my fax machine when I arrived
My fax machine was being repaired by the technicians when I arrived
2. Write the following sentences in the passive voice:
1. IBM offered her a job.
She was offered a job by IBM / A job was offered to her by IBM
2. The bank gave me a loan for a new house.
I was given a loan for a new house by the bank / A loan was given to me for a new house
3. They showed him the gun that was used as the murder weapon.
He was showed the gun that was used as the murder weapon / the gun that …... was
4. She paid the workers three months’ salary when she closed down her business
The workers were paid 3 months´salary when her business was closed down.
three months´salary was paid to the workers when ….
5. The ice-cream vendor gave my child a free ice-cream cone.
My child was given a free ice-cream cone by the ice-cream vendor / A free ice-cream
cone was given to my child by ...
3. Write the following active sentences in the passive voice. Use the words in brackets.
1. Did you take the car to the garage yesterday? (TAKEN)
Was the car taken to the garage yesterday?
2. The government should pass a law against pollution. (PASSED)
A law against pollution should be passed by the government
3. The school doesn’t permit smoking. (ISN’T)
Smoking isn’t permitted by the school
4. Did they invite you to the grand opening? (WERE)
Were you invited to the grand opening?
5. She didn’t tell anyone about the phone call. (NO ONE)
No one was told about the phone call
6. They are painting their house this week. (BEING)
Their house is being painted this week
4. Write the following active sentences, which contain modals and semi-modals, in the passive voice.
1. We have to translate this story into Spanish.
This story has to be translated into Spanish
2. We must pay for our tickets before Thursday.
Our must be paid for before Thursday
3. We ought to invite Susan to the party.
Susan ought to be invited to the party
4. Scientists can’t expain the origin of the universe.
The origin of the universe can’t be explained by scientists
5. You should hand in the homework now.
The homework should be handed in now
5. Write the following sentences in the ACTIVE or PASSIVE voice.
1. The new plans have already been discussed.
We have already discussed the new plans
2. We have just picked these flowers.
These flowers have just been picked
Our work here is going to be finished soon.
We are going to finish our work here soon
3. All the instructions confused me.
I was confused by all the instructions
5. All the teenagers used to watch this programme
This programme used to be watched by all the teenagers.
6. Rewrite these senteces without changing the meaning of the original.
1. Has the car been repaired yet? (MECHANIC)
Has the mechanic repaired the car yet?
2. Boat-builders use fibreglass to make boats.
Fibreglass is used to make boats by boat-builders.
3. The World Health Organization has flown experts into Africa to distribute food.
Expert shave been flown into Africa to distribute food by The World….
4. They were selling flowers near the shopping centre all morning.
Flowers were being sold near the shopping centre all morning.
5. We have reserved a table for lunch at the Café de la Paix.
A table for lunch has been reserved at the Café de la Paix
6. After we had finished the project, we took a holiday. (BEEN)
After the project had been finished, we took a holiday
7. Nobody has ever seen a car like this before. (NEVER)
A car like this has never been seen before
8. You don’t have to send us a cheque until next month.
We don’t have to be sent a cheque until next month