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Climate Change Leadership – Power, Politics and Culture 2014
Leadership Labs
 Apply skills within leadership, cooperation, organization and communication
specifically connected to different contemporary and future scenarios within the
climate field.
 Critically relate to prerequisites, possibilities and limitations for a sustainable
leadership within the climate field.
During the semester, you will co-create two leadership labs. The purpose of these
sessions is for you to one, practice facilitation and leadership and two, to give you an
opportunity to focus on a topic and activity of your choosing. Since we cannot cover
everything and know that you all have ideas about what you think is important and worth
discussing, we hope that this can be a space where you can explore something that we
have not covered in our sessions, or that we have talked about but which you would like to
explore more in-depth. As a guide, you should use the course goals which you can find in
the syllabus, particularly the goals listed above.
You will be divided into groups and each group will be responsible for one hour (there will
be two three- hour sessions). Use these sessions to be as creative as you like; we do not
have to be in the classroom for instance, you can collaborate with other groups, you can
organize an activity, or just have a normal seminar/discussion. Our advice is to think about
the questions that are brought forth in the course objectives. These sessions are
mandatory. If you cannot attend, you will have to do a make-up task. Please let us know
ahead of time if you decide to use a different space other than the designated classroom.
How was the seminar creation process? During and after the process, we would like you to
jot down some reflections about the process—the reason for this is that reflecting on
processes, even if it seems very simple, means that you are taking the time to learn from
your experience and apply it to lessons in the future. You may, but are not required to,
refer to course texts. We ask for 1-2 pages of reflection on this process. Please hand it
within one week of the completion of the leadership lab.
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