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World History
Instructor: Mr. Steffes
Room: 162
Phone: (218) 945-6953 (EXT 162)
E-mail: [email protected]
Text/Materials: World History & Geography (2013) McGraw Hill
Course Description:
World History will provide an analysis of the development of civilization, social,
political, religious, economic, scientific, and technological forces among civilizations,
global interaction, and interrelationships, to provide a framework for understanding the
modern world.
Class Hours:
The class will meet 45 minutes 5 times a week for a full school year. This class is
needed under the Minnesota Graduation Standards.
Teaching Methods:
1. Lectures: Important material from the text and outside sources will be
covered in class. Students should plan to take careful notes as not all material
may be found in the texts or readings. Discussion and class participation is
2. Assignments: Students will be given chapter assignments, group and
individual projects will be given during the class period and activities outside
the classroom will be given.
3. Exams: Exams will be given periodically. The exams will be closed
book/note and will test skills and materials discussed in class.
4. Reading: Students will be required to read chapter material as there is a lot of
information in the chapters and we are not able to go in depth on certain topics
so it is the responsibility of the student to obtain that information.
Classroom Behavior: You are expected to be on time. When you come to class you are
expected to have your textbook, notebook and writing utensil. I will not provide these
items for you. During class you are expected to sit in your assigned seat and take notes if
that is what we are doing for the day. Cheating will result in a zero on any assignments
or tests, this includes plagiarism.
Missed Class: The student is responsible for obtaining material that may have been
distributed on class days he/she was absent. The student will have two days from their
absence to turn in any work missed. In the case of special circumstances I will adjust the
time allowed for make up work.
This does not include school sponsored absences. If the student will be gone for a school
related activity they must turn work in before they leave and are responsible for anything
the next day such as tests, quizzes, etc.
Assignments: Each assignment will have a due date. That means the assignment is due
on that day. If it is not handed in on the due date it is a zero. LATE WORK WILL
Computers: Your computers can be used when doing an activity or research otherwise
they will not be allowed.
Grading: Your grade will be based on a total points system. Total points will vary based
on number of assignments and exams given each quarter. Also reflected in your grade
will be class participation.
59 or Less
Course Outlines
Unit 1: The First Civilizations and Empires
 The First Humans
 Western Asia and Egypt
 India and China
 Ancient Greece
 Rome and the Rise of Christianity
Unit 2: New Patterns of Civilization
 The world of Islam
 Early African Civilization
 The Asian World
 The Byzantine Empire
 The Middle Ages
 The Americas
Unit 3: The Early Modern World
 Renaissance and Reformation
 Age of Exploration
 Crisis in Europe
 Muslim Empires
 East Asian World
 The French Revolution
Unit 4: Global Civilization
 Cold War and Postwar Changes
 Present Day Middle East
 Present Day Asia
 Present Day Latin American
 Contemporary Western World