Homework is due at the beginning of week 9’s class.
The problem set is to be handed in individually. Individuals must write up their own
answers. You can consult with other students on the project. However, each individual
must hand in their own unique set of results.
If there is any evidence that the results were simply copied from another, neither party
will receive any credit for their homework and both may receive failing grades for the
course. I am not doing this to be mean. Pricing secondary market securities is an
important component of this class. The problems are long to solve (and require
spreadsheets). Therefore, I cannot test these topics on quizzes and exams. This is the
only way I have to ensure that you attempt to understand the material. Therefore, I am
treating this homework with the same academic standards that I would treat the exams
and quizzes.
You must show some work when handing in the homework.
However, I would like you to also attach a summary sheet of your answers. This will
make my grading easier. Basically, you should provide a sheet of just answers which
will be attached to your full homework (the full homework will show all your work and
spreadsheet output). This answer sheet should be stabled to the front of the homework
you hand in and it should be labeled clearly. Basically, if question 19.1a asks for a yield
and 19.b asks for a purchase price, your answer sheet would be written as follows:
Chapter 19
Yield = xx.xx%
Purchase Price = $y,yyy.yy
Imagine yourself trying to grade your homework. Make it is easy to follow as possible.
Reminder: This problem set is worth 10% of your grade. I will grade essentially on a
10/8.5/5/3/0 scale. Excellent work will receive 10/10. Very good work will receive
8.5/10. Work with low effort will receive 5/10. All others will receive either 3/10 or
0/10. My expectation is that most of the class will receive either 10/10 or 8.5/10.