Resource Management

DEPARTMENT: Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure
BRANCH: Customer Service Centre
This Position Reports to:
Positions Reporting to this Position:
Manager, Customer Service Centre (ASO-5)
Primary Purpose of Position
Assist in the day to day management of the delivery of a comprehensive range of high quality, integrated Government Agency services to
customers in a defined geographical region, with particular emphasis on:
 assisting Customer Service Officers to deal with more complex customer issues
 providing relief for Customer Service Officers on an as needs basis
 providing support to the Manager to develop, implement and review work practices that will enhance service delivery
 collecting and assisting in analysis of and response to customer feedback
Assist the Manager in the efficient and effective people, financial and operational management of a whole of Government Customer Service
“one stop shop”, with particular emphasis on:
 coordinating the day to day activities of Centre staff
 ensuring Customer Service Officers are aware of new policy and procedures and providing coaching and training as required
 maintaining sufficient levels of resources (including stationery and auditable documents), monitoring resource usage and implementing
strategies to minimise waste
 preparing relevant daily and monthly reporting and undertaking regular auditing activities, including conducting investigations into
specific transactions
Contribute to a positive team culture where team members are proud of their contribution and are making a difference
Demonstrate commitment to the customer service ethic that underpins Service SA
Contribute practical expertise and input to the continuing development of a customer-oriented culture across the whole of Government
Customers receive timely, responsive, high quality services relating to the processing of Government financial transactions, delivery of
Government information and referral to specialised Government services
Efficient and effective people, financial and operational management of a whole of Government Customer Service “one stop shop” based in a
defined geographical region.
Contribute to a safe and healthy work environment, free from discrimination and harassment by working in accordance with legislative
requirements, the Code of Conduct and departmental human resource policies, including the OHS&W requirements.
Resource Management
Essential Attributes (Knowledge/Skills/Experience Requirements)
Proven excellent customer service skills including the ability to
establish positive relationships with customers; determine and
address customer requirements; and deal effectively with difficult
Experience in the supervision, induction and “on-the-job” training of
Desirable Qualifications
Desirable Attributes
Ability to facilitate a positive team environment where team members
are proud of their contribution and are making a difference
Experience in assisting in the management of people, financial and
operational issues.
Experience in reporting and auditing to ensure the integrity of
transactions and information systems
Well-developed interpersonal skills including communication,
negotiation, conflict resolution and problem solving.
Proven ability to plan and organise work, set priorities and establish
and meet deadlines in a busy revenue collection and information
provision environment
Ability to interpret and apply legislation, policies and procedures in a
service delivery setting
Proven commitment to the principles and practice of:
 EEO, Ethical Conduct, diversity and OHS&W;
 Customer Service
 Quality management and client oriented service;
 Risk management
Essential Qualifications
Key Relationships/Interactions
Key Challenges
Customers in the region
Key contacts in client agencies
Demonstrating the customer service ethic that underpins Service SA
in all interactions with customers, including a pro-active approach to
problem solving
Ensuring the integrity of transactions and information systems
Assisting the Customer Service Centre Manager to ensure that:
customer service staff have access to the right information and
referral networks and that client Agencies meet their obligations
under the Service SA Service Level Agreements
DTEI Employment Conditions
Employment conditions will be governed by the PSM Act, 1995 and the incumbent will be expected to work in a manner consistent with the
Code of Conduct for South Australian Public Sector Employees.
The incumbent must be prepared to be assigned to another position at this remuneration level or equivalent.
The incumbent is responsible and accountable for keeping accurate and complete records of their business activities in accordance with the
State Records Act 1997.
The incumbent is responsible and accountable for working in an equitable manner and taking reasonable care to protect his/her own health,
safety and welfare and avoiding adversely affecting the health and safety of others at work by complying with OHS&W and EEO policies,
practices and legislation.
The incumbent will provide the highest standards of customer service to clients at all levels by modelling service excellence that meets the
needs of customers and enhances the corporate profile of the organisation.
To be employed in this position, the applicant must be the subject of a satisfactory police record check in accordance with the Service SA Preemployment Screening (Police Record Checks) Policy and Procedure. Disclosure of any pending charges is also mandatory. Previous criminal
conviction or pending charges will not necessarily preclude employment and will be assessed by the appropriate delegate.
Special Conditions
Applicants may be subject to a Police Record Check in accordance with DTEI Policy.
Out of hours work and intra/interstate travel requiring overnight absences may be required
The incumbent is expected to recognise and work in a manner that accords with the Public Sector Code of Conduct
The incumbent must be prepared to be assigned to another position at this remuneration level or equivalent
The incumbent must be prepared to wear a uniform.
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Branch Manager/Delegate
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These guidelines have been prepared to maximise your chances
of success when applying for positions within the Department for
Transport, Energy and Infrastructure (DTEI).
Your application is a reflection of you and will provide ‘first
impressions’ for the selection panel and is an opportunity for you
to demonstrate your skills and experience, abilities and personal
attributes relevant to the position.
Before you commence your application
Take the time to thoroughly read the Position Description. You
may contact the enquiries officer(s) about the position and ask
questions or request any further relevant information pertaining
to the position and the area in which it is located.
We also encourage you to access our Internet site at
Selection and Appointment Procedures
The selection and appointment procedures used within DTEI are guided by the Public Sector Management Act 1995. This
outlines a set of standards to ensure selection decisions are based on an assessment of the MERIT of applicants’ abilities,
aptitudes, skills, qualifications, knowledge, experience (including community experience) and personal qualities as listed in
the essential and desirable requirements of the position. An applicant’s potential for development may also be considered.
The Government of South Australia is an Equal Opportunity Employer. This means that the selection panel must not
discriminate against an applicant unless it is directly and justifiably related to the requirements necessary to perform the
duties of the position. The grounds of unlawful discrimination are defined in the Equal Opportunity Act 1984.
Your application should consist of three essential components:
 A covering letter of application
 A section addressing the essential and desirable attributes listed under the headings ‘Essential Attributes (Essential
Knowledge/Skills/Experience) and ‘Essential Qualifications’ AND ‘Desirable Attributes’
 A Curriculum Vitae or Resume, including a minimum of three (3) current referees
 In addition, External applicants are required to complete the ‘Declaration on Application for Employment in the South
Australian Public Sector’ and submit the original as a component of their written application.
To maximise your chances of being considered further you should demonstrate in your application:
 that you meet all the essential requirements (including qualifications) of the position; and
 the extent to which you meet the desirable requirements of the position
The selection panel will generally only shortlist those applicants who demonstrate in their application that they
meet all the essential requirements of the position. Depending on this initial assessment, the panel will decide
whether the applicants warrant further consideration, eg an interview, based on the degree to which they meet the
essential requirements.
When writing your application you should:
 provide examples of how you can demonstrate your skills, knowledge or experience
 include your potential for development, conceptual understanding of issues relating to the position as well as the
relevance and transferability of skills, knowledge, experience and abilities acquired through previous employment and
community experience
Curriculum Vitae or Resume
Your application should include a Curriculum Vitae or Resume which includes the following information:
 Name and address
 Relevant experience/studies
 Home and business telephone numbers and email
 Professional and personal development activities
 Educational details
 Significant Achievements
 Employment history (displaying most recent job first and  Three (3) current referees (include their Position
working backwards)
Title/Address/Telephone Number and Email Address)
Always address the essential and desirable requirements and provide examples to support your claims
Give your referees a copy of your application and discuss their opinion of your merit in relation to the Position
Thoroughly check your application for accuracy and completeness
Check you have signed your application and that it is well presented
Forward your original application, plus the correct number of copies, to the designated officer and ensure your
application reaches them by 5.00pm on the advertised closing date - PLEASE NOTE: panels are not responsible to
follow-up or further consider incomplete, inadequate and/or late applications