French I Curriculum

Spanish II Curriculum
Vista Higher Learning Descubre Level I Textbook
Lección Six
Vocabulary and Grammar: Saber vs. Conocer (Present Tense), Indirect Object Pronouns, Preterit Tense of Regular Verbs,
Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns
Culture: Cuba: Historical, Cultural, and Geographic Information
Lección Seven
Vocabulary and Grammar: Daily routines, Reflexive Verbs, Adverbs of Time, Positive and Negative Expressions, Ser & Ir
(Preterit Tense), Gustar
Culture: Perú: Historical, Cultural, and Geographic Information, La siesta, Ir de Tapas
Lección Eight
Vocabulary and Grammar: Food and Meals, Stem-changing Verbs in the Preterit Tense, Double-Object Pronouns,
Comparatives and Superlatives
Culture: Guatemala: Historical, Cultural, and Geographic Information
Lección Nine
Vocabulary and Grammar: Celebrations, Stages of Life, Interpersonal Relations, Irregular Verbs in the Preterit Tense, Verbs
that change meaning in the Preterit Tense, Uses of ¿Qué? Vs. ¿Cuál?, Pronouns after Prepositions
Culture: La Semana Santa, Chile: Economic, Cultural, and Geographic Information
Vista Higher Learning Descubre Level II Textbook
Lección One
Vocabulary and Grammar: Heath and Medical Terms, Parts of the Body, Imperfect Tense, Preterit and the Imperfect Tense
together, Constructions with “se”, Adverbs
Culture: Heath Services in Spanish Speaking Countries, Cultural Panorama of Costa Rica
Lección Two
Vocabulary and Grammar: Technology, Home Electronics, Motor Vehicles, Familiar Commands, Por and Para, Reciprocal
Reflexives, Stressed Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns
Culture: Cellphones in the Spanish Speaking World, Cybercafés in Latin America, Cultural Panorama of Argentina
Lección Three
Vocabulary and Grammar: Parts of the House, Household Chores, Table Settings, Relative Pronouns, Formal Commands,
Present Subjective Tense
Culture: Central Patio and Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca, Cultural Panorama of Panama