Energy Crisis Relief Act of 2005 (Hampar I-AK)

Greg Hampar
109th Congress
1st Session
October 9, 2005
Introduced by Senator Greg Hampar
To relieve the nation being dependant on foreign energy resources too promote
the economy’s growth domestically.
Be it enacted in the 109th Congress of the United States throughout the Simulation
This Act may be cited as the ‘Energy Crisis Relief Act of 2005’.
The purpose of this Act is to provide the needed relief to the people and economy
by allowing drilling in certain parts of Alaska’s restricted energy reserves. These
areas are designated strictly outside of the wilderness areas, which preserve only 8
million of the prosperous 19.6 million acres. Action needs to be taken before it is
too late.
Congress makes the following findings:
1) The gas prices are rising at a tremendous rate in The United States because of
the dependency on foreign resources and OPEC’s domination of the industry.
2) It will take seven to ten years to produce oil and develop the project.
3) The nation’s economy is suffering from outsourcing and needs to promotion
more domestic jobs to help boost the economy.
4) Alaska is a vast state with plenty of wildlife that is in desperate need of
economic growth.
5) The majority of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is not wilderness and not
populated densely with wildlife, which allows open areas for drilling.
The goals of this Act are as follows:
1) To help relieve the economy by promoting domestic jobs in areas involved with
the petroleum business and in Alaska.
2) To produce energy domestically, easing the foreign energy market by creating
competition with OPEC and other foreign dominated enterprises.
3) To protect the wildlife of Alaska at all costs throughout the drilling process.
The designation of drilling regions
A) Any drilling Alaska must maintain inside the drilling zone, which is restricted
to non wilderness areas as designated by the United States government.
1. The drilling will be restricted to areas that do not infiltrate the ecosystem.
2. The drilling will protect wildlife at all costs.
3. Enforcement will be taken immediately by the federal government if these
restrictions are inflicted.
This act and its amendments shall take effect on December 1, 2005.
Dear Colleagues,
The people of America are suffering because of our poor economic state and high gas
process. Through the ‘Energy Crisis Relief Act,’ I plan to give some aid to these
pressures. OPEC is in complete control of the global market for oil. They are raising oil
process all-time record rates. From the big businesses to ever person driving a car these
high rates are drastically affecting America. Not only will tons of domestic jobs be
created all over the nation as a result of this growing industry, but the U.S. will not be as
dependant on foreign countries. This competition will also force OPEC to lower the
existing prices. However, this act needs to be enacted as soon as possible because it will
take seven to ten years for the project to start producing oil. Let’s help create jobs and
reduce gas prices by enacting the ‘Energy Crisis Relief Act.” Thank You.
Senator Greg Hampar
Drilling in Alaska: The Big Picture
By Senator Greg Hampar
Alaska is a vast land that almost equals the size of all the East Coast states
combined. Opening a portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will not harm
the wildlife or ruin the ecosystem, as most think. Instead of focusing on the negative
outcomes, one must look at the amazing outcomes that can result from oil
development in Alaska. As a Senator from Alaska, I am very concerned with the
wildlife, it is our greatest asset. However, I also realize that the energy resources in
the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge are very valuable, especially during a desperate
time like now.
The prices for gas have nearly tripled and the economy is dire need of jobs.
The ‘Energy Crisis Relief Act’ hopes to relieve this pressure by creating more
domestic jobs through the development of oil in Alaska. The drilling will create a
huge growth in the oil industry, which will help “America get back on its feet.” The
foreign dependency for oil gives OPEC and its affiliates too much leverage in the
global market, which allows them to control oil prices at a very high level. The
American people have been hit hard enough with the increase in outsourced jobs
and the effects of 9/11.
This will not only reduce the importation of oil, but it also will reduce the
number of single-hulled foreign flagged oil tankers. It is time for the government to
create some form of relief for the people. Alaska’s beauty is not threatened as 192
acres in Alaska remain protected. Action needs to be taken now because it will take
7-10 years to ignite the project, if we wait it will be too late. The ‘Energy Crisis
Relief Act’ is not an answer to all the problems with the economy, but it is a needed
boost for sure that will help people “get back on their feet.”
As an Independent Senator from Alaska, I am introducing a bill that enables
drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Drilling for oil in Alaska will
promote the nations and states economy. The annual dividends that Alaska receives for
their oil resources have declined and gas prices around the nation have reached a record
high. This bill will be supported by conservatives for its economic benefits and rejected
by some liberals for its environmental liabilities. Alaska is a primarily conservative state,
whose economy will benefit greatly from this bill therefore I am very confident that my
state will support this bill strongly. However, I am an Independent, who is also
concerned for the environment, so I have introduced several restrictions in my bill that
will protect the environment.
I need to remain as close to the liberals as possible, while maintaining my position
with the Republican Caucus. My first priority is to the Republicans because I am in their
caucus and they are the base of my support, but I need to keep my position as close to the
middle as possible to gain more support from the Democrats. This bill is very important
to my committee and also very salient to the floor. Because energy is such a concerning
issue I think my bill has a very plausible chance at advancing through my committee to
the floor. Although this bill has a close chance, I do not see it passing, without the
support from more Democrats. The bill would have a better chance at passing if
economic concerns were greater in the simulation.
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