Knowing how the gospels were formed


1. What does the song say about Jesus?

2. What does the song ask us to do?

3. How shall we proclaim

Jesus to the world?

4. What is it that will move us to tell the world of

God’s love?

Stage 1: Jesus’ Life in Palestine

(A.D. 1-30)

Stage 2: Oral Tradition (A.D. 30-64)

It took more years before the first evangelist created the first Gospel.

Why did it take so long ?

Semitic people preferred the spoken “living” word to the written word.

The original witnesses to

Christ’s life are still living.

They believe that Jesus will come back soon as

He promised.

The Good News was being preached to people farther and farther.

The apostles and the original witnesses were dying or being martyred.

They realized that Jesus would not coming back soon.

Stage 3: Written Gospels (A.D. 65-100)

What happened in each stage and why are we concerned about the three stages?

DV 7 – Apostles faithfully handed on the Gospel as the source of all saving truth and moral discipline.

DV 8 – Apostolic preaching was to be preserved in a continuous line of succession until the end of time.

Why the Gospels were formed?


Gospels were formed to proclaim the Good News to the people so that they may come to believe in Jesus. This mission of proclaiming the Good news is the mission of the followers of Christ.

How can second year students tell the world of

Jesus’ love for us? Give examples.

Let us celebrate what we have learned through participating in singing the song



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