Faculty Notes—November 6, 2010

Faculty Notes—December 3, 2010
you have to concentrate on this one. . .
MEETING: Home Communication/Fac mtg postponed to 12/16 @ 11:1
TGIF: Special Education
Inclusive Schools Day
Term 2 warnings/comments due
MEETING: Department
PD half day
7:50 - 9:00
9:05 - 10:00 (short)
10:05 -11:00 (short)
11:15 – Faculty meeting in auditorium (in place of 12/7 meeting)
12:00 - 1:00 – Lunch on your own
1:00 - Auditorium presentation on safe & healthy schools program, anti-bu
MEETING: PLC/4th Tues/Tech Training
Dismissal at 2:35 for holiday vacation
1. Previous faculty notes for your reference
2. Faculty/staff absence procedures - Revised.
Shout Outs:
Rozanne Milner and NNHS health/nurse staff for a smooth, quick flu clinic
All teachers/counselors for managing parent conferences and those still slogging
Chris Murphy for getting TV monitors up and working - blasting notes to students.
Antonette Perri for learning, managing, and revising the new google doc absence
CORI updates– many staff have received a request to update their CORI report.
Lisa Mazzola, executive secretary, will be happy to do this. In order to manage
the numbers, she will do CORIs for staff at the following times only:
1 all lunches
1 from the end of the school day to 3:30pm
Sickline & Google Doc absence form -- Remember to call or google doc your
absence by 7am. Notifications after 7am can not be processed until the next
day. If you miss the 7am deadline, call your department head to let them know.
Faculty/Staff absence update -- Google docs sick-absence form is working
pretty well. A few reminders/clarifications. There are 2 categories of absence:
A) Illness (family or personal). All illnesses should be inputted on google docs
http://tinyurl.com/2bzhxrq OR called into the sick line. Main office staff input
these into the 'absence book'.
B) Everything else (workshops, bereavement, personal day, etc). Ahead of
time, fill out a 'permission to be absent' form in the main office, have your
supervisor sign, turn into main office. It goes into the 'absence book'. Hence
doing a google doc input for these is redundant, so don't bother.
Parking – (brace yourself, really good reading here….) We have arrived at the
tipping point for on-campus parking. For those frustrated with parking, we hear
and share the frustration. It is especially acute for those who are permitted in
Walnut lot. Lisa Mazzola manages parking, and this summer she inherited a
messy system that she’s working to fix. We are pedalling as fast as we can to
get control.
Here are a few important things that will help if everyone knows. If you work with
interns/student teachers, consultants, visiting therapists, etc, PLEASE share this
with them.
1 We know students are parking on campus without permits. I have
personally extracted some from classes and socializing, escorted them to
their cars, read the riot act, watched them as they drove away. (Slightly
fun. Am I a bad person? Really am I? Counselors, advise?)
1 Tow signs will be installed in the upcoming weeks at the loading dock,
Walnut lot, Tiger Drive. Once installed, if needed, we’re authorized to tow.
Many problems likely solved when that happens, however we’d like to
avoid towing anyone.
1 Communication of expectations and procedures to all community
members is happening now.
• Confusion exists because city parking bureau told us Tiger Drive and
Walnut lot are our jurisdiction, yet their parking clerks recently ticketed due
to a teacher call to police. It works best if main office personnel are the
only ones contacting police for parking problems like this since main office
staff know all the pieces to the existing parking puzzle. This teacher call
to police resulted in errant and improper tickets issued, and probably 3-4
hours of main office support staff time to rectify tickets and communicate
with the city. We are meeting with police Capt. Mintz next week to clarify
Dave Mosca monitors parking and will increase his presence in the next
few weeks.
Park in your spot. Park in your spot. Park in your spot. Avoid visitor
spots and Walnut lot if you are NOT permitted there.
Many staff here work in multiple schools and travel during the school
day--they have parking permits. There are so many who do so,
unfortunately we cannot accomodate individual requests for closer parking
spots at this point.
If you have visitors to class, visitors may park in:
• Visitor spots on Tiger Drive or vistor spots on Elm Rd near theater
entrance. Dave Mosca will work over the next few weeks to keep
visitor spots open for real visitors.
• Austin lot – it’s not ideal.
• On any neighboring side street where signage indicates it is
allowed. i.e. there are some one hour, some two hour, some no
parking signs.
1 Or make arrangements in advance with Lisa Mazzola for temporary
parking in some of our permitted spaces not being utilized by staff.
Lisa is working on how to open up more visitor spots if not for this year,
then next.
Sorry for any confusion. We've had to clarify parking policies in our new
space as we go.
Survey --The Newton North Guidance Department has two interns from Suffolk
University who, as part of their Master's program, are required to conduct a
research study at North. They will be polling students and staff in order to
measure the degree to which they feel connected to the school community. The
anonymous survey will be administered to faculty members and eleventh and
twelth graders in an online format, and freshman and sophomores will be
administered paper surveys during their lunch periods. The Guidance interns will
share this data in order to assess and improve school connectedness. We will
send you the survey link when it's available.
Bookmark on your computer:
Faculty Sick Line Website: http://tinyurl.com/2bzhxrq
New Google Doc NNHS Issues/Problems: http://tinyurl.com/28kd8vv
NNHS website & public calendar: http://nnhs.newton.k12.ma.us
***if you are reading this on the NNHS Staff folder, please email me so that I
put you on my all-staff email list; you should receive my communications
directly in your email box ***
Deborah Holman
Vice Principal & History Teacher
Newton North High School
457 Walnut Street
Newtonville, MA 02460
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