Tree Bridge Academy Classical Studies Instructor: Ms. Alia

Tree Bridge Academy
Classical Studies
Instructor: Ms. Alia Marcinkow
Contact: [email protected]
Text: Classical Mythology (5th Edition) Barry Powell
Course Description
This course is designed to provide the student with a basic introduction to classical mythology.
In this course, the students will study classical mythology. Enriched with the knowledge gleaned
from the readings, students will be able to recognize and appreciate the many allusions and
echoes from these myths in modern literature, painting, sculpture, music, dance, and cinema.
Greek and Roman mythology has remained a living force throughout the ages; it has been
retold and reinterpreted with infinite variations. A thorough understanding of Greek and
Roman mythology will enhance our appreciation and deepen our grasp of the world around us.
Demonstrate an understanding of the different forms of myth
Demonstrate an understanding of the connection between myth and modern art forms
Identify the major myths from Classical Mythology
To foster a deeper understand of the complex nature of myth and mythology as a
system of thought through which cultures establish, understand, and regenerate
Course Topics
1. Definitions and Background
a. The Nature of Myth
i. What is myth?
ii. Types of myth
iii. The Study of Myth
b. The Cultural Context and Development of Classical Myth
i. Brief Greek History
ii. Greek Society
iii. Beginnings of Greek Myths
2. Divine Myth
a. Creation Myths
i. Greek Creation Myths
1. Origin of gods
2. Origin of humans
ii. Comparison to other Creation Myths
b. Myths of the Olympians
i. Zeus and Hera
ii. Male Deities
iii. Female Deities
3. Legends/Hero Myths
a. Introduction to Heroic Myth
i. The Hero with A Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell
1. Film Study of Star Wars and Lion King
b. Herakles
i. Twelve Labours
c. Other Hero Myths
i. Theseus and the Minotaur
ii. Oedipus
iii. Jason and the Argonauts
d. Trojan War
i. The Beginning
ii. The Fighting
iii. The Fall
4. Roman Myth
a. Legends of Aeneas
b. Legends of Early Rome
i. Romulus andRemus
ii. Lucretia and the End of Monarchy
iii. Heroes of the Early Republic
Weekly Tests 20%
Midterm 15%
Major Project 30%
Final Exam 20%
Attendance and Participation 15%
Two Bonus Percentages can be obtained through attending and connecting outside lectures,
exhibits or films to the course content