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Budapest, Hungary
October 17th, 2011
For immediate release:
„At MADISON we offer exclusive fragrances, niche colognes, hard-to-find perfumes, room scents,
incense, and other beauty gems. Our brands represent the highest standards -- standards on which we
never compromise: traditional art, craftsmanship of perfumery, true genius, modernism, coolness, and
We are the first to bring you seasonal launches and up-and-coming brands. That's why MADISON has
become a cult. We've made history in Bucharest, and now, with a new flagship store in Budapest, it's
Hungary's turn. Step into one of our shops and our internationally trained staff will make you fall in
love with and discover our niche perfumery.
Come into our world, and you'll never go back to mainstream perfume shopping. Our gift-conscious
clientele relish in our super gift packaging, and our top customers often receive unexpected gifts from
At MADISON, most various ages and personalities will find the perfumes and other products to fit
their tastes, as well as their dreams. Sweet, deep, woodsy, floral, spicy fragrances, 18 to 80 year olds,
alternative or classic preferences will just as well find the best products for themselves.”
MADISON: opening soon on Andrássy Ut. 26, Budapest
The owner of MADISON, Madeleine Florescu, grew up in New York City. Working with luxury
cosmetic products since 1993 (Christian Dior, Clinique, etc), she rapidly climbed the career ladder:
educated at New York University and Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, she started as a
beauty consultant and grew as far as National Sales Director North America for the Japanese luxury
brand, Kanebo International, working with retailers like Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys New York, and
Saks Fifth Avenue.
In her own words, she lived the „American Dream” for 15 years, but has been growing more and more
nostalgic towards her home and the European lifestyle in general; in 2004 she moved back to
Based on her experience and to the developing economic situation in the area, she managed to
consecutively open two successful luxury perfume stores in Bucharest, in 2007 and 2008.
andrassy ut. 26, budapest, +36 1269 20 16
g-ral berthelot 5, bucharest, +4021 310 77 75
piata dorobanti 6, bucharest, +4021 231 61 31
Thus MADISON was born, a magic realm which reunites the most respectable and exclusive perfume
houses, a place where charming stories are told about how these jewels come to life, and where service
completes the unforgettable experience of choosing a special perfume for yourself, or your loved ones.
Through MADISON, the local public has the chance to not only have access to these products, which
are much appreciated around the globe by the connoisseurs, but also to meet “the noses” and the
creative geniuses, at the events MADISON so well organizes.
In parallel with the retail business of MADISON, Madeleine Florescu also undertakes the challenging
and exciting job of being a Sales and Marketing Director for South, Central and East Europe, for
Intertrade Europe.
Intertrade Europe is a group of five companies with presence in over 40 countries which create and
follow market strategies for an exclusive range of international perfumes.
Intertrade Europe includes more than 20 brands which have different characteristics, but share the
same factor: the high quality of the hand-crafted essence and of every single detail.
MADISON tried to break into the Hungarian market since 2009, but finding the perfect location,
which would comply with the MADISON lifestyle and become a perfect home for the exclusive
products retailed and distributed by the company, was not an easy task. Andrássy Ut was the only
perfect fit, but the availability of a suitable location took 2 more years to come along.
With the assistance of Anita Csorgo, partner at Colliers International, and advised by Sandor
Kisgyorgy, Attorney at Law, the search came to an end in 2011.
Andrássy Ut. 26, the premises of the famous Opera Patika was love at first sight for Madeleine. This
grand Patika in Budapest, the interior of which has been unaltered since 1888, has closed down in the
spring of 2008. Until now, no other business to take the place of the Opera Patika could fit and make
use of the old furniture still present in the premises; except for MADISON. Together with the owner
of the premises, and in close contact with the National Office of Cultural Heritage, MADISON has
found a way to both embrace the beautiful heritage of the Opera Patika, as well as create a concept in
line with the products retailed there.
The team of architects who managed the project was Lilian Driessen and Zsuzsa Koltai of Koltai &
Társa Építésziroda Bt.
andrassy ut. 26, budapest, +36 1269 20 16
g-ral berthelot 5, bucharest, +4021 310 77 75
piata dorobanti 6, bucharest, +4021 231 61 31
They are about to reconstruct the building's original facade, while the original wooden interior has
already undergone a renovation and is patiently waiting for the new products to move in their rightful
Therefore we have succeeded not only to preserve a piece of Budapest history, but also to start a new
era that will bring back the glamour of the shiny past inside the walls of Opera Patika.
Budapest has a total of only 10 stores which have protected interior designs, and Opera Patika is
unique even among them.
Remember: perfume is the first layer you're always wearing. Come and experience it at MADISON.
Madeleine Florescu:
[email protected]
Judit Toke-Shop Manager:
[email protected]
+36 303 869 973
Luca Seregi-Beauty Specialist:
[email protected]
+36 303 868 836
Anna Shestakova-PR representative:
[email protected]
+36 302 727 899
andrassy ut. 26, budapest, +36 1269 20 16
g-ral berthelot 5, bucharest, +4021 310 77 75
piata dorobanti 6, bucharest, +4021 231 61 31