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Starry Associates, Inc. was awarded a contract (Contract # 050R5800338) under the State
of Maryland’s Master Contracts program to provide Consulting and Technical support
Services (CATS). We received an award in nine (9) of the fifteen (15) functional areas.
This contract vehicle is available to all state and local government agencies in the State.
A summary description of the functional areas follows.
Functional Area One- Enterprise Service Provider
Services to ensure that information systems are designed to capitalize on agency
architectures and State IT standards, provider interoperability with other systems and
networks, be reliable and maintainable, and make the most cost effective use of COTS
technology and agency-wide and government-wide resources.
Functional Area Two- Web and Internet Systems
Services to provide a broad range of business solutions and support using the capabilities
of the Web and Internet the includes design, develop, test, implement and maintain Web
sites, Portals, Web applications and Web services and the associated hardware, software,
network and security components that comprise these solutions.
Functional Area Five- Software Engineering
Service to provide full life cycle of a software system development. Process definition;
requirements management (project planning, quality assurance, project tracking and
oversight, organizational process focus); software metrics; software process assessments;
software capability evaluations; software project management; software certification;
software validation and verification; open system; software architecture; software
reengineering; software reuse; component based software; software security; supervising
software management; and CASE tools.
Functional Area Nine- IT and Telecommunications Financial and Auditing Consulting
Services to provide an independent “third-party’ review of cost factors associated with
the recommended solutions contained in proposals from contractors to develop
information technology and telecommunications solutions. Independent third-party
reviews may include such analyses as project return on investment total cost of
ownership and IT project portfolio analysis.
Functional Area Ten- IT Management Consulting Services
These types of services include any of the following types of services: IT enterprise
architecture, systems review for architectural consistency; strategic planning assistance,
project management services, contractor assessments and risk assessment analyses.
Functional Area Eleven: Business Process Consulting Services
Services to provide streamlining of business processes and the development,
implementation, and support improvements to eliminate redundancy and increase
productivity and reduce cost.
Functional Area Twelve: Preparations for Proposed Tower Sites
Services to prepare for proposed tower sites that include the Determination of Eligibility
and photo simulations.
Functional Area Fourteen: Media and Training Center Support
Services to support multimedia and education centers including, but not limited to:
planning, analysis, troubleshooting, integration, acquisition, installation, operations,
maintenance, training, documentation, and administration. Professional training
expertise, including instructional systems design capabilities to improve job performance
of employees utilizing the learning/media center.
Functional Area Fifteen: Documentation/Technical Writing
Services to develop and/or maintain the following types of documentation: system
documentation; user manuals; computer operations and program maintenance manuals;
plans for training, testing, quality assurance, and contingency operations; and backup,
recovery and restart procedures. Technical writing for proposals, presentations, standard
operating procedures (SOP), policies and procedures