Organization and Leadership Development

Organization and Leadership Development
According to Harvard Business Review, companies that invest in their human capital
outperform their peers by up to thirty-five percent. Leathers Milligan is a leader in the
design, creation and delivery of organization and leadership development programs.
Organizational Analytics
Engagement Surveys
Competency Mapping
Succession Planning
Performance Management
The most successful companies have formal programs that continually enhance the skills
of current leadership and identify and develop future leaders from within their ranks.
Leathers Milligan’s programs are built upon proven leadership competencies. They
incorporate developmental philosophies, strategies and actions specific to your culture
and your goals to assure that your leadership and strategy are in alignment.
Leathers Milligan can help define your needs and create a comprehensive organization
and leadership development plan. We help you articulate your leadership philosophy
and guide you through the process of defining the competencies most important to your
strategy. These competencies define the critical assignments and on-the-job experiences
to help current and emerging leaders develop the knowledge, skills and abilities
essential to success.
Leathers Milligan organization and leadership development programs can help you
create a culture supportive of employee development; a culture where high levels of
engagement and opportunities to achieve higher performance help drive employee
loyalty. Good results are the product of good leadership; people are motivated by good
leadership, guided by good leadership, and even held accountable by good leadership.
In fact, according to the Corporate Leadership Council, total shareholder returns in
organizations with strong leadership bench strength are substantially higher than their
weaker peers.
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