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Press release
June 2015
CORIPOL® AV – Fatliquoring Agent for Soft Nappa, Furniture and Automotive Leathers
TFL launched a new soft fatliquor with excellent cost/performance ratio to produce a broad
range of articles. The product is based on a combination of special natural & synthetic
softening agents and suitable to make all types of soft leather articles.
CORIPOL® AV features a pronounced softening effect with a full and silky to waxy handle.
Leathers show good physical properties and an especially good tear-resistance. The unique
formulation provides good light and moderate heat fastness on wet blue and FOC leathers.
On top of which, the leathers show good gravimetric and reflectometric fogging values.
In the production of furniture upholstery leather, CORIPOL® AV can be applied as a single
fatliquor in a simple process, providing very good softness. In automotive and shoe upper
leather production its main position is as a companion fatliquor.
Due to its electrolyte stability the product can be used as pre-fatliquor in pickle and/or
chrome baths; this also makes it suitable for semi and full vegetable tanned leathers.
CORIPOL® AV is mainly based on renewable raw materials. The fatliquor bath exhausts well
thus reducing the COD and BOD values of the tannery waste water. CORIPOL® AV is free of
any restricted or regulated substances and is thus suitable for the TFL WHITE LINE®
For further information please contact Jan-Tiest Pelckmans,
Corporate Product Marketing Manager Wet-end:
Phone: +33 38 989 57 44