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Press Release
March 2009
Special silicone based touch modifier & waterproof booster
TFL is offering a new anionic silicone emulsion for nappa, garment & upper leathers with a
dual function:
In non-waterproof leathers DRYWALK® SIL can be used alone as a post-treatment on split
suede and nubuck or in combination with anionic fatliquors in order to provide an elegant,
smooth handle and an improved softness.
In waterproof leathers, in combination with DRYWALK® FAT, DRYWALK® WAS-1 or
DRYWALK® IN it supports high water resistance and provides consistent Maeser and Bally
DRYWALK® SIL is based on a unique combination of highly concentrated silicone oils with
dual function emulsifiers. The product has self emulsifying properties and features an
excellent light fastness and heat resistance.
The product also enhances the fixation of dyes and fatliquors, thus saving chemical costs as
well as reducing the COD of the spent float. It improves the shade intensity of suede and
nubuck, giving the leather better water-spot resistance and wicking properties.
For further information please contact Jan-Tiest Pelckmans,
Product Marketing Manager Wet-End:
Phone: +41 61 697 57 60