Manufacturing Machines and Robots Programming

Course description
Code: 2A013
Abbr: MMRP
Title: Manufacturing Machines and Robots
MSc. degree programme in: Automation Production Systems
For specialisation in:
Assoc. Prof. Ing. Nadežda ČUBOŇOVÁ, PhD.,
Number of hours: Lectures - Seminars - Laboratory work ECTS
Recommended: 1 Per week: 2-3-0
Total per semester: 26-39-0
Prerequisites: Automation of Technological Processes
Assessment: recognition of course work - 20%
written and oral examinations - 80%
Aims and objectives: To present a problematic of the technological preparation of
manufacturing process and NC machines programming. To approach the principle of tool
preparation for NC machines, automation tool exchange systems, their coding, tool store,
manipulation with workpiece. To provide the theoretical background of the automation
programming from the view of the processor structure, postprocessor structure etc. From the
practical view to enable for student the preparation of entering media – enter data for PC,
program debugging, simulation of program on PC, start-up of NC machines at the various
Course content:
1. Flexible automation of the mechanical engineering manufacturing and pre-manufacturing
2. Fundamentals of NC technology – basic components of an NC system, NC coordinate
systems, motion control systems.
3. Computer Numerical Control - features of CNC, CNC software, Direct Numerical Control.
4. Application of NC – machine tool applications, other NC application, advantages,
disadvantages, NC Part programming- coding systems.
5. Manual Part programming - Sequence of the operations, the block structure, the proposal of
technological process, tool setup, motion cycle of tools and technological conditions. The
programming of the motion path, technological parameters, tools exchange, their correction,
preliminary and auxiliary function, cycles.
6. Computer assisted part programming - preparation of the sources program, the structure of
the software, processor, and postprocessor. Essence, basic principles and differences of the
programming. Sample of the component parts manufacturing simulation on PC. APT –
Automatically Programmed Tool.
7. NC Part Programming using CAD/CAM - CAD/CAM system EdgeCAM and
Pro/ENGINEER. The geometry design definition, tool path generation, CL DATA files
generation, NC program, simulation of the manufacturing process on the PC.
Recommended texts:
ČUBOŇOVÁ, N.: CNC Machines Programming, internal textbooks (English version) , KOA,
March 2008, 66 pages
GROOVER,M.P: Automation,Production Systems and Computer –Integrated Manufacturing.
Učebnica, Second edition, Prentice Hall,USA, January 2000, ISBN 0-13-088978-4,832 p.
Date of the last revision: 05.03.2012