Name: Jingjing Zhang

> Name: Jingjing Zhang
> Email Address:
> Institutional Affiliation: Ph.D. student in School of Public Policy at Georgia
> Institute of Technology
> Number of Year in the doctoral program: 3.5
> Presentation Abstract
> Title: How does China Develop Technological Capabilities: A Overview of the
> Patent Data
> China’s economy has grown fast since early 1980s and started to evolve from
> labor- intensive industry to capital intensive and knowledge based industry
> since the 1990s. With a well-developed university and research system and a
> huge domestic market, China takes a unique way of developing technological
> capabilities, quite different from other newly industrializing countries. This
> paper studies this unique path of technological development in China by
> examining the Chinese patents granted in U.S. as well as the patents granted in
> China. The result identifies the main innovators and illustrates the two
> coexisting technological development models: from invention to innovation and
> from imitation to innovation.