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University of California Center Sacramento
April 9, 2015
UC Center
1130 K Street
Room LL3
Sacramento, CA
Lunch will be served
For questions contact
Dee Powell at
(916) 445-5100 or
[email protected]
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April 7
Road Vehicle Automation: Opportunities and
Challenges for California!
with !
Steve Shladover!
Program Manager California PATH Program!
Institute of Transportation Studies!
University of California, Berkeley
Road vehicle automation has become a popular topic in
recent years, but much of that popularity is based on
uninformed speculation and hype that have raised public
expectations to unrealistic levels. This presentation reviews
the long history of road vehicle automation systems, the
diverse levels of automation that are being developed, and
the implications that these are likely to have for the future of
transportation in California.
Dr. Steven Shladover has been researching road vehicle
automation systems for forty years. He is the Program
Manager, Mobility at the California PATH Program of the
Institute of Transportation Studies of the University of
California at Berkeley. He led PATH’s pioneering research on
automated highway systems, including its participation in
the National Automated Highway Systems Consortium from
1994-98, and has continued research on fully and partially
automated vehicle systems since then. He chaired the
Transportation Research Board Committee on Intelligent
Transportation Systems from 2004-2010, and currently chairs
the TRB Committee on Vehicle-Highway Automation. Dr.
Shladover leads the U.S. delegation to ISO/TC204/WG14,
which is developing international standards for “vehicleroadway warning and control systems”. 
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