Dr. Ahmed Alsaleh
Board Member, Kuwait Health Assurance Company, Kuwait
Dr. Ahmed Al Saleh, achieved his medical degree from the University of Liverpool
in 2002, after which he gained clinical experience from working for the UK’s
National Health Service (The Royal and Broad Green Liverpool University Hospital),
and later for Kuwait’s Ministry of Health (trained as a registrar in general surgery).
In 2008, Dr. Al Saleh achieved an MSc in International Health Management from
Imperial College Business School, London, and soon after, a Diploma in Financial
Asset Management and Engineering (CFAME) from the Swiss Finance Institute,
Switzerland. Currently Dr. Al Saleh is completing a PhD in health care management
focusing on Public Private Partnerships in achieving health care objectives at the
University of Surrey, England. Dr. Al Saleh is also co-founder and member of the
board of directors of numerous health initiatives such as Hayat (Qatar), Weqaya
(GCC) and CAN (Kuwait). Dr Al Saleh has also work as a consultant for a wide range
of health projects and is a member of several international health organizations.
Dr. Alsaleh will present Vision for Kuwait Health Assurance Co