lament by Group 5

Group Members
Omair Qurni
Zia Ali
Salman Khalil
Background of the poem
• Written on the Gulf War between Iraq and
• Iraq invaded Kuwait
• Kuwait got assistance from other countries,
especially from Saudi Arabia and USA
• Thousands of people were killed
• Destruction at a very large scale
• Oil spills and bombing destroyed the ecosystem of
the area
• The ocean was polluted and many animals were
also severely affected because of the war
• A terrible incident that shook the entire world
About the Poem
• Has a very sad tone
• Written for all those that were affected in
the Gulf war, even the animals
• Portrays the scene of war
• We can literally see the images displayed by
the poet
• Shows that war affects everyone and many
innocents lose their lives
• Shows us the negative consequences of war
The Poem and Explanation
Imagery used in the poem
For the burnt earth and the sun put out…
Veil of iridescence on the sand… ..the shadow on the sea
For the soldier in his uniform of fire….For vengeance…