Encounters in East Asia

Encounters in East Asia
China, Korea, and Japan limited contact with western nations.
All of the following sentences are incorrect. As you read section 4, rewrite each sentence
to make it correct.
1. The Chinese were eager to trade with Europeans because their goods were far superior
to those in China.
2. Chinese rulers were interested in both European arts and sciences and Christianity, and
many thousands of Chinese converted to this new religion.
3. Manchu invaders were hated by the Chinese, even though the Manchus tried to blend
their culture with that of the conquered people.
4. Under the Qing dynasty, a grave economic crisis caused suffering and conflict in
5. In the 1500s and 1600s, Korea opened its doors to the world and became a prosperous
international trading center.
6. Throughout their history, the Japanese have barred all merchants and missionaries
from entering Japan.
Briefly identify each of the following.
7. Matteo Ricci:
8. Kangxi:
Assume the role of reporters and prepare questions for East Asian leaders about their
kingdoms and their responses to westerners. As you read section 4 carefully, take notes
about the reaction of the rulers to westerner traders and diplomats. Use the chart below
to help you keep the questions organized. Be able to answer your own questions!
High official of the Ming
dynasty around 1540
Example: Why did you
allow Europeans to trade at
Macao and Canton?
Emperor Qianlong of
Example: China has much
to teach the other nations of
the world. Why do you
refuse to give trading rights
to European nations?
Tokugawa Shogun around
Could cultural impasses, such as the inability of the British diplomat Lord
McCartney to communicate with Emperor Qianlong, occur today?
How could technology (television, films, telephones) help reduce the impact of such
cultural gaps?