pp5 China slides (slide show)

Chinese Civilization is brief,
illustrations only
Chinese Civilization
Routes of the Hwang He
1887: 2,000,000 dead
1931: 3,700,000 dead
1938: The Chinese deliberately dynamite
the river levees to cause flooding
and slow the invading Japanese.
The Japanese were only mildly
inconvenienced, but half a million
Chinese died. This action makes
the “environmental warfare” of the
Persian Gulf War look positively trivial.
Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences,
University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
Routes of the Hwang He
Great Wall of China
Genghis Kahn
Kublai Kahn
Pu Yi, last (Manchu) emperor
Bound feet
Sun Yat Sen
Mao Tse Tung
Tienanmen Square
Yin Yang
Civil Service exam
Compass, Han Dynasty
Chinese printed page, 1095
Ming Dynasty Stem Cup,
Porcelain with Copper Red Glaze
China, 1368-1400, 4" height
Ming plate, 7 ¾”