Leader Analysis Sheet

Leader Analysis Sheet
Name of Leader: King Fuzi (Confucius)
Lifespan 551-478 B.C.E.
Title: King
Country/region: China
Years in Power 5th-6th Century
Political, Social, & Economic Conditions Prior to Leaders Gaining Power
 War was going on between upstart forces and lords. =War for supremacy.
 Commerce was being threatened.
 No authority in political prescriptions.
 Political conflict and social turmoil because the Zhou dynasty could not control its vessels.
 China was expanding and led to periodic instability.
 Nomadic people often raided the farming area of the Northern Plain.
 Tax revenues declined
 Invasions by nomadic people….rebellions
 Dynasty grew weaker
Ideology, Motivation, Goals:
 Establish back the political structures and cultural values that China once had.
 Supported Confucianism.
 Get back to the core of China’s philosophical heritage.
 Wanted to provide greater cultural unity to the empire.
 Promoted linguistic unity where Mandarin Chinese would be superior to the entire Middle Kingdom.
Significant Actions & events During Term of Power
 Creation of the Great Wall to stop invaders.
 Shrines were established to promote the worship of the ancient philosopher as a God.
 National Census which provided data for the calculation of tax revenues and labor services.
 Government made the Chinese written script uniform, so it would create a single base language so all
the educated Chinese people could communicate.
 Furthered agriculture, new irrigation products and manufactured silk cloth.
 Extended Chinese territory and political control to the south.
Short-Term effects:
 None of the dynasties were that successful.
 The tools they developed did not last, newer
and better technology was established.
Long-Term Effects
 Created a basis for all of the other
civilizations to use as a starting point.
 Developed useful technology until better
technology came out.
 First civilization to develop in China so it
was a good way to start a society.
 Over time people in China prospered due to
trading by the Mediterranean Sea.