Component Structure - Northern Arizona University

Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs
2012-2019 NAU/Arizona GEAR UP In-School Partnership Structure
Component Description:
The In-School Partnership (ISP) component encompasses 19 middle schools and 12 high
schools in the following school districts: Douglas Unified, Holbrook Unified, Humboldt Unified,
Kingman Unified, Winslow Unified, Bullhead City Elementary, Mohave Valley Elementary,
Casa Grande Elementary, Toltec Elementary, Colorado River Union, Casa Grande Union,
Mingus Union and Yuma Union. The parties to each Partnership are Northern Arizona
University and one or more school districts named in the federal proposal. Grant-paid GEAR UP
Site Coordinators, local to each of the participating schools, shepherd the 2018 cohort from
each partnership toward pursuit of postsecondary education. The Site Coordinators move with
the cohort through each grade from middle through high school. Depending on the size of the
GEAR UP cohort in each partner district, some schools may hire a GEAR UP Assistant to
provide administrative support for the Site Coordinator(s).
GEAR UP supports multiple, overlapping, research-based strategies, interventions and services
to foster student achievement. Specific GEAR UP strategies, interventions, activities, programs
and features of NAU/AZ GEAR UP 2012-2019 in partner schools may include:
Academic Advisement
Academic and Attendance Monitoring and Intervention
Annual Postsecondary Education Planning Sessions (PEPS)
Capacity Building/Professional Development (Transition to Common Core Standards)
Career Exploration/Exposure
College and Career Readiness System (CCRS) [EXPLORE, PLAN, ACT]
College Visits
Credit Recovery
Family Newsletters
Financial Aid Information and FAFSA Assistance
Parent Involvement, Advisement
Skill Building Student Workshops
Scholarship and College Application Assistance
Summer Enrichment
Transition Programs (Middle to High School)
Tutoring/Test Preparation (Academic Mentoring)
Site specific work plans and budgets guide the GEAR UP services provided in the partner
schools. NAU developed the 2012-13 work plan based on grant requirements and baseline data
submitted by the schools. In each subsequent year, districts/schools, in collaboration with the
NAU GEAR UP Leadership Team develop work plans and budgets to meet their specific needs.