Chapter 12: The Cell Cycle: Mitosis

Chapter 12: The Cell Cycle: Mitosis
1. Describe the organization of the chromosome. Include the terms centromere,
chromatin, sister chromatids. Draw and label a diagram of a chromosome prior to cell
2. List the phases of the cell cycle, and briefly describe the events in each stage.
3. What is the relationship between the chromosome and the chromatid?
4. What is the purpose of mitosis?
5. List the stages of mitosis and summarize the events in each phase. Pictures may be
used, if explained.
6. What is the structure and function of the mitotic spindle?
7. Explain the process of cytokinesis in animals. How does this process differ in plant
8. What is the purpose of meiosis?
9. List several differences between mitosis and meiosis.
10. List some similarities between mitosis and meiosis