Biology 110 Review Sheet for Exam 2

Biology 110 Review Sheet for Exam 2
Chapters 4, 5, & 6
Label parts of integumentary visual (4.4; p 101) [MQ]
Apply the ABCD rule for melanoma
C/C eccrine and apocrine glands (MQ)
Name the layers of the epidermis (innermost/outermost and vice versa) [MQ]
Name the epithelial membranes; differentiate between them, and state where found (MQ)
List the parts (“features”) of a synovial joint
Evaluate the tanning effect
Define contact dermatitis and apply the concept
Determine structures typically found (located) in the dermis
Analyze the composition of eccrine gland secretions
State function(s) of melanocytes and where they are primarily found
List the vital functions of the skin
Determine cell composition of the epidermis
Evaluate cause, signs, and symptoms of acne
Label, define, and apply parts of a long bone (5.2; p 118) [MQ]
C/C true, false, and floating ribs and state numbers of each
C/C functional classification of joints (MQ)
Label, define, and apply microscopic parts of compact bone (5.3; p 120) [MQ]
C/C compact and spongy bone
Analyze PTH effect on bone
List and apply four stages in bone fracture healing
C/C epiphyseal plate and epiphyseal line
C/C axial and appendicular skeleton
Discuss endochondral bone formation
Apply the connective tissue wrappings associated with muscles (fiber-fascicle-muscle)
C/C the three types of muscle tissue
Define motor unit and apply the concept
Label, define, and apply parts of muscle fiber (6.3a; p 167) [MQ]
Define sarcomere, evaluate structure, and relate function(s)
Classify muscular terms by size; i.e. largest to smallest and vice versa (MQ)
Determine calcium’s role in muscle contraction (or lack thereof)
Define muscle tone and apply the concept
C/C myosin and actin filaments
Analyze the sliding filament theory of muscle contraction
C/C muscle twitch and tetanic contraction
Determine location and function(s) of the sarcoplasmic reticulum
Name (my choice) five bones of the appendicular skeleton from list noted in IOs
Name (my choice) five cranial and/or facial bones from list noted in IOs
Name (my choice) five muscles from the list noted in IOs