Colegio Antil Mawida English Department 3rd grade WORKSHEET

Colegio Antil Mawida
English Department
3rd grade
Name: __________________________________________________________
Date: _______________________________ Level: 3rd grade A - B
Unit N° 0 – 1 - 2
Review about all units of 1st semester.
Sub Unit
Relative adverbs and pronouns; subject and object questions; Linking
words; 1st, 2nd and 3rd conditionals.
Sts. Will be able to identify the grammar structure about the
content the we studied in this unit.
1. Write using a blue or black pen. (Do not use pencil)
2. Do not use correction pen.
3. Do not make smudges. Any smudge will invalid your answer.
4. Focus on your quiz without looking or talking to any classmate.
5. Turn off your cell phone.
Class contents
Choose the correct alternative. Use the correct Relative Pronoun or Adverb.
The town ______________ I was born is not far from here.
a) Where
b) Which
c) When
2. That is the office in _________________ I used to work.
a) Which
b) Where
c) Who
3. This is the house _______________ Winston Churchill was born.
a) Which
b) Where
c) Who
4. Do you know ______________ she is from?
a) Which
b) Where
c) Why
5. I will never forget the day on ____________ I first met Jane.
a) Which
b) When
c) Who
6. This is the house ____________ I live.
a) Where
b) That
c) Who
7. Do you know a shop _____________ I can find toys?
a) Which
b) Where
c) Why
8. Does anybody know the reason for __________ she hates me?
a) Which
b) Why
c) Who
Complete these sentences with the correct Relative Adverb according to the context: why –
where – when.
Completar estas oraciones con el Adverbio relativo correcto de acuerdo al contexto: why – where –
This is the station __________ Emily met John.
Do you know the reason __________ she is so upset?
The town _________ I was born is not far from here.
That is the office in ________ I used to work.
This is the house ________ Winston Churchill was born.
A famine was the reason _______ so many Irish people emigrated to USA in the 19th century.
This is the church _________ Sue and Peter got married.
They never told us the reason __________ they moved away.
The place ________ we went yesterday is just around the corner.
The day _________ you saw me I was feeling sick.
That is the drawer ________ I keep my t-shirt.
I will never forget the day ________ I first met Jane.
Write the questions about the word in bold.
Escribir las preguntas acerca de la palabra en negrita.
The children are playing with someone.
2. Mary broke something.
3. Someone is knocking on the door.
4. They love kids.
5. Somebody bought a computer.
6. Alex bought something.
7. The birds wake me up.
8. They play the guitar very well.
9. Jill saw me the other day.
10. We speak Italian fluency.
11. Somebody cleaned the room.
12. They have seen something.
13. They dance very well.
14. Susan met someone.
15. I am writing something.
16. I need some money.
Read the follow text and underlining the correct connector.
(Leer el siguiente texto y subrayar los conectores que son correctos de acuerdo al context de
I met Lucy the other day and / or she told me about her bad experience. She was driving
to work while listening to the news, but / and she was not playing attention to the traffic
around her. As a consequence / In the other hand, she was stopped by a policeman and
/ although given a ticket. She was really upset about it, so / nor she tried to argue with
the policeman, but / however he was film; as a result / on the contrary; Lucy will be
fined because / but she was driving over the speed limit.
Choose the correct connectors.(Elegir el conector correcto. Encerrar en un círculo la
alternativa correcta)
Lorena seems to be quiet clever. …………, she often gets low marks.
a) Furthemore
b) More
c) In contrast
d) The cause of
2. The service at this restaurant is excellent. ………, the food is delicious.
a) Last
b) Yet
c) In addition
d) However
3. I’ve never been to Argentina, ………… having relatives there.
a) Despite
b) As well as
c) As a consequence
d) Due to
4. Jordi is a careful driver. …………, she’s not very several accident
a) And
b) More importantly
c) However
d) As a result
5. Cristina loves playing sports, ……… she is not very good at it.
a) Next
b) Last
c) But
d) And
6. Anna is talented at music ……… art.
a) As well as
b) Consequently
c) By
d) In contrast
Complete the following sentences with these linking words: “although – but – so - because”.
Completar las siguientes oraciones con estas Linking words: “although – but – so - because”
I’d like to go with you __________________ I’m too busy right now.
2. Yours marks in English are low __________________ you don’t study hard enough
3. There aren’t buses this hour, _________________ we need to catch a taxi.
4. We invited them to the party _________________ they don’t want to come.
5. I love fish and chips ______________ it’s not healthy.
6. He didn’t pass his driving test, __________________ he needs to do it again.
7. _______________ it rains a lot in winter. I like walking the dog in the park.
Complete these sentences with the correct grammar structure about Conditional: 1 st, 2nd or
3rd.(2 points by each sentence; 60 pts)
Completar las oraciones con la estructura gramatical de los Condicionales correctos: 1st, 2nd o 3rd.
If we don’t hurry, we _______________ (be) late.
2. If I see her, I _______________ (give) her your message.
3. I will come with you if I _______________ (not/be) busy.
4. If he _______________ (exercise), he would be healthier.
5. I would call the police if I ____________ (be) you.
6. Jane _______________ (come) home early if she isn’t busy at work.
7. I would travel around the world if I _______________ (win) the lottery.
8. If my Dad hadn’t had a tooth ache, he _________________ (meet) my Mum. She was his dentist!
9. Our teacher will be pleased if we _______________ (do) our homework.
10. If it rains, I ___________ (wear) a raincoat.
11. If you ________________ (help) me with my homework, I will finish it in time to go to the cinema.
12. We wouldn’t have been thirsty if we ______________ (take) enough water.
13. If the children were older, they ________________ (go) to the party.
14. If Mark _____________ (do) the washing up, his mother will have more time for him.
15. She ______________________ (be) late for school if Doris had got up earlier.
16. If it wasn’t so late, I ________________ (go) shopping.
17. If Robert plays football with us, we _______________ (win) the match.
18. Henry ___________________ (phone) his mother if he hadn’t texted her.
19. I ________________ (buy) a Ferrari if I had a lot of money.
20. They will go to the party if they __________________ (be) invited.
21. If we had known of your arrival, we ____________________ (be) at the airport.
22. If it doesn’t rain, the students ___________________ (practice) sport in the playground.
23. If I had time, I __________________ (go) shopping with you.
24. If you ______________ (speak) English, you will get along with them perfectly.
25. If they had gone for a walk, they _________________ (turn) the lights off.
26. If she ________________ (come) to see us, we will go to the zoo.
27. I would have told you, if I _________________ (see) him.
28. I _________________ (say) no If they had invited me.
29. If I _________________ (do) it, nobody would do it.
30. If my father ___________________ (pick) me up, I will take the bus home.
Nota: Todos los alumnos deben desarrollar guía de repaso para poder rendir Prueba de Síntesis, ésta
debe ser entregada el Lunes 06 de Julio a las 08:00 am, si no la entregan a esa hora y ese día, los
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